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  1. 2 weeks notice? Would that dickwad give you two weeks severance? Probably not. Grab your shit and go home.

  2. The bakery I work at had to close due to the PNW “snowpocalypse” that recently happened. I had scheduled time off when I started working there for an important appointment and when the week of it came my boss demanded to know why I needed that day off still when I had “just had so much time off with the snow”. She then proceeded to tell me she needed someone who was reliable. Hadnt missed a single day, covered multiple call outs, worked early when asked. Fastest two weeks I ever put in

  3. My sisters job went from work from home 2 days a week to not work from home and then laid off tons of people. Like theyre asking for people to quit.

  4. Good for you!

    I started a new job in October and my employer has NOT kept up her end on what we agreed to my job description would be, how many days to work, hours, etc. I’m doing the job of 3 people to help her out. She is also insanely frugal, and last week she berated me in front of a patient for accidentally printing one sheet of paper twice!

    I went home last week and sent off a bunch of resumes. I just accepted a job with a lot more money, great benefits (I had none with her) with a company I respect.

    Treat your employees like crap they will leave you!

  5. You won’t receive a raise if you come in either. Just let it be noted that if you don’t come in you won’t get one.

  6. You better be careful. This is *exactly* the kind of things companies do when they have some kind of hazmat situation. Something spills or is discovered that is so dangerous they won’t even risk having people work around it.

    They close the place, “””clean””” it (aka do the bare minimum necessary to hide it and remove evidence), then declare it fixed and bring regular crew back in. If you know anyone higher up I’d try to find out why they shut it down, it could be hazardous to your and other peoples health. They don’t give up that kind of profit willingly.

  7. I’m about to put my two weeks in where I’m at, if they even give me the chance. Tell me I will get a performance evaluation at 90 days. Five months later I finally get it. I’m making $10 an hour as the sole manager, expected to do pretty much everything in the store that the owners don’t feel like. The low skill workers are making $8. They tell me how much they appreciate me, how the customers love me, how much I’ve done and how good I am at what I do… then tell me I’m not getting a raise. They’re giving me a month to prove myself by making them this immense overarching inventory system by myself with no willingness to spend anything to get it going and no tools to aid in it happening. All while still doing everything else I already do. Meanwhile the lower-skilled workers, including one who had only been there two months, get a dollar raise. I’m now only making a dollar more than them.

    Both of the owners treat me like crap, but one more than the other. They just walk all over me, blame me for everything, refuse to take responsibility 90% of the time. I needed a day off for something and they made me earn it by giving me this task that was really not my job, one that was beyond expectation to pull off, and I did it and got it. It was a Monday, not even a crazy day to want off. My plans for that day, which I spent a lot of money on, fell through and I had to reschedule which meant needing a Saturday off three weeks later. I asked, was told it was fine, finalized that money on the thing I wanted to do… when I am there on my normal day off they swear up and down they never agreed to give me the day off and gave me hell for it.

    Meanwhile one of them asks me to switch my days off. I told them I could, but not the next week because I had plans. He said that was fine. So I work my schedule around to switch my day off, have plans for my new day off, and when I am there on the day I’m usually off they’re shocked to see me, claiming they never told me to switch my days off. Told me to go home and not bother coming in both days.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with them and I’m fed up with it. I may have a job lined up, making a whole $1 more an hour, but it may also fall through. At this point I almost don’t care. I just worry because the last time I was out of work it took me a long time to find something else. It sucks. I just want to find a place to work where people act like adults and I can make enough to live off of. Anyway… thanks. I needed to vent.

  8. Until recently, I worked for a third-party vendor, processing medical claims. Our “bosses”, Molina, locked me out of my accounts for two and a half days during OT season. 25 hours of work, total. They even emailed my boss telling her it was their fault. But she still expected me to make up those 25 hours on top of the 25 hours I was normally scheduled. 50 hours on the clock between Weds 1pm and Fri 530pm.

    Yeah. Between that and the 40% pay cut they gave us all, in order to troubleshoot their garbage software, I jumped the fuck right out of there. Fuck bosses who think we’re machines.

  9. So i see all those “its legal” comments. But honestly, is noone bothered that it actually is? In my country it isnt and i cant even comprehend how its okay to treat other people like that. Im thinking this way since a while now. Is noone bothered with whats going on with your country and government(US)? In my place people would have been done with this situation long ago and jumped the baricades. Hones question, am from overseas.

  10. https://www.nlrb.gov

    National Labor Relations Board.

    You only have the rights you choose to exercise.

  11. You might want to keep the date this happened on record and any details you can recall. I can’t think of any **legal** reason this would happen unless the place was crawling with pests or at risk of contamination.

  12. i’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a raise anyway. at one of my last jobs, i was constantly given new responsibilities and asked to help in as many ways as possible. my supervisors knew i was capable of doing all of this and they just kept telling me to keep it up because a promotion/raise was coming. what came first was me deciding to quit because my mental/physical health was starting to suffer.

  13. We have mandatory training at work for which we don’t get paid. But if you don’t do it, you get no raise. I made sure to do mine, and was happy to hear that I got a raise.

    Until I got my check and found out my raise was 1%. Inflation is at 2.44% currently, so I now make 1.44% less than I did last year. Fun.

  14. Unionize. Top 70% of employees are guaranteed 40 hours where I’m at. And any time worked not within your bidded schedule is overtime.
    Easily the best $55 I pay a month

  15. Pff I wouldn’t put 2 weeks in. I’d search for a new job, find it, accept offer and work up until the day new job starts. Then at end of shift on my last day I’d walk into that shitheads office and say “today was my last day”.

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