50 thoughts on “A couple years ago I got “hacked”. Crazy, right?

  1. I remember when instagram added a group chat feature i thought it was just like a dm multiple thing. I dmd like 6 different girls thinking they were each separate and it was one big group chat 🤦🏼‍♂️ we are the pioneers of the internet, making the big mistakes so our sons wont have to

  2. LOL, I did this once to the cute girl who sat behind me in class. She then “liked” the status. Honestly, didnt bother me that much, just own it. EVERYONE searches for everyone else on FB, chances are we have all done something similar…


    EDIT: Saw you arent friends with her yet. LOL, that does suck a bit

  3. This has happened to me, like ten years ago. Still shuttered and gritted my teeth when I read this

  4. This cringe is up there with that guy who tried the random photo of a girl in a restaurant… but still had flash on.

    Poor OP.

  5. I don’t laugh much at these type of posts but everyone is wondering why I’m laughing at my phone in the lobby of my sons karate dojo.

  6. Fuck… this one hits hard. Reminds me of when I was looking up the general manager for our business, whom i hardly knew. Realized a couple days later I had sent a friend request

  7. Totally feel this. Happened to me in high school searching for a guy I was curious about. My brain kind of shuts down every time I think about it.

  8. This was confusing to read. I think you meant you confused the _status update_ for the search bar. The other way around would imply that you were looking for the status update section, and not the search bar.

  9. My step brother did that a few years ago. His wife posted “who’s she?” The next morning as a response. I’m sure that was a tense week at his house

  10. About 10 years ago, I spent the summer dating a girl. It was a wild experience. Only 3 months but one of my favorite relationships. Anyway, that’s not the point.

    We spent 4th of July weekend together. I remember it well. We did an epic hike, watched fireworks, and fucked like bunnies.

    Well I’m a weird person who likes to document his life. So I wrote up a journal entry about the weekend. I keep these things digitally.

    My mom wanted to know how the weekend went, bc the fireworks were with my brother and his gf. So I just forwarded her my journal entry.

    Later, like, weeks later, I realized that entry detailed the sex, too. Not graphically, but definitely factual details.

    Neither my mom or I have spoken of this, ever. But sometimes it still haunts me.

  11. I did that in high school too. I was drunk and looking up a girl. Fucking mortified when I woke up in the morning

  12. PSA: You can make the default visibility of your Facebook status to private (or a list containing just uoy) to avoid this in the future

  13. That awkward moment when the sub is advice animals and the post has neither advice nor animals smh

  14. I think we should bully facebook into releasing to us how many times we’ve been searched and by whom

  15. My friend once posted a video of him jerking off to his snap story instead of sending it to his gf. My other friend saw it and told him. Shit was sad but still funny

  16. So if you wanna fake your death, stay away from Craigslist. Can’t even get a decent criminal service through them anymore.

  17. Years ago I snagged my friends phone, and changed her status to “Herpes medication” and then made the next post underneath “OMG this isn’t google how do I delete from mobile”. Her mother was the very next person to comment with “we need to talk”. She never let me near her phone again.

  18. Man, you should just have been straight and said “shit I was high as fuck and trying to send you a message” As long as you know her from like school or something that’s okay.

    just dont admit you were trying to jerk off to her summer bikini pics or anything

  19. I screenshotted snapchats of girls and didnt know that they recieved screenshot notifications. My roommate kept seeing me doing it, my gut wrenched when he told me the news. I was so embarrassed I blocked everyone and deleted my snapchat account lol

  20. I did something similar only I can’t blame drugs at all. In the early days of facebook I made a group for my friends I took Film Studies with. We mostly used it for sharing notes and talking about assignments. One day after a Woody Allen screening, we got lunch after a lecture and I noticed the girl working at the restaurant had a striking resemblance to a young Diane Keaton. Many many crude puns later it was decided Diana Keaton’s place would become our regular hang out spot after class.

    After a few months of going to this place every week facebook suggested her as a friend on my feed. I was so excited to have found a new goldmine for puns I shared her profile in the group. This was the early days of facebook, I didn’t realize how the site worked. I had basically tagged her on a thread of crude jokes about her… Before any of my friends could help she simply commented “WTF”.

    and that was how I ruined our favorite restaurant and probably caused a poor girl some anxiety…

    TL;DR: posted a girls profile to a friend group full of crude inside jokes about her not realizing she would be able to read it.

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