33 thoughts on “My, how time flies by on the Front Page

  1. Doesn’t mean they haven’t. There are subtle ways you are being influenced on Reddit by people. Especially if you are influenced by social media without proof.

  2. Very few countries play the slow game as well as China. Quickly changing one of the most popular websites on the internet would be a move that would turn millions every day citizens against China, not just governments. China is aware of this.

  3. The focus on China itself was kind of foolish anyways. Yes there are many legitimate reasons to object to China. However the focus should have been on the specific company that just so happens to reside in China and their wrong doings. By blanketing it to just China as a whole as Tencent just whistled itself right by.


    This was a embarrassing failure of the Reddit community and it seems few even realize it.

  4. It was simultaneously hilarious and frustrating. It was sort of humorous seeing all these people who usually don’t give a fuck about China suddenly become super-devoted anti-PRC activists the moment they thought it would affect their precious internet points. But then, it was aggravating to see just how clueless these people were about the basics of the deal, how investment works, Tencent’s structure, and the Chinese government’s role in business and censorship. It’s like they thought that the deal would’ve given Xi a direct phone line to Spez that demands he takes down every Winnie the Pooh meme that hits the front page.

  5. I’m a Chinese American adult, I’m proud of how much China has advanced economically and culturally over such a short time so rapidly, and I’m displeased with how America has been sinking culturally(rapidly over the last few years) and geopolitically(slowly).

    The overreaction (an entire front page of anti-China on r/pics I’m talking about) illustrates the mentality of sinophobia we are headed towards. Even still now, people in the comments will choose to believe the effects are a long con, or “reach” for evidence.

    Is the next generation of young adults in America going to be a part of this mentality?

    Hating China has become trendy on the news these days, cold war mentality is creeping in, and people are choosing to be blind to a closed minded bias.

    “Bias, what are you talking about?” Both China and America have done bad things, and both Chinese and American corporations don’t exactly have the greatest reputations. Two wrongs don’t make a right – but it’s a clear overreaction when a geeky Chinese investment firm invests a minority stake in reddit results in a site-wide shilling of anti-China anti-Chinese talking points. To me, this looks like hatred masked under the guise of humanitarianism. And it’s *sinophobia* in its very core definition.

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