10 thoughts on “In regards to the obscenely rich bribing private organizations…

  1. Obscenely rich people buy wings of buildings to get their kids in, and then write them off on their taxes and everybody is ok with it. These people are just regular rich, and can’t afford whole wings, I don’t know why it’s different.

  2. No one is surprised. But hard evidence takes things from conspiracy theory to public knowledge.

  3. Not surprised, outraged. Don’t get complacent about injustice just because you expected it. We have an obligation to make a fair system. We are failing in that obligation. We need to do better. For our own sakes and for the sake of younger generations.

  4. They didn’t though. Did you read the story? They paid a middleman who knew people that would change their kid’s SAT scores. This middleman also paid some of the coaches to get their kids on the team. No private organization was bribed.

  5. The most humiliating part of this for the people implicated is that they got caught. Not the cheating.

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