36 thoughts on “Sometimes you just want to show them off

  1. My friends and I always start with “this might be TMI but…” and then we share anyway. If you have the right friends they’ll be super supportive!

  2. I’m pretty sure there’s a fair few subs you could show them off on.

    Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard….

  3. How is getting a sex toy socially awesome if you can’t tell your friends about it? Seems contradictory.

  4. I have some friends I can and some friends I can’t. Example my brother-in-law is a close friend. He doesn’t need to know about the collection of butt plugs I use on his sister (my wife).

  5. I’m a lady, and got one of these. It’s amazing, orgasm in just a few minutes and I sent a link to all 4 of my best friends, male and female alike. If you can’t share these kinds of things, you need closer friends. https://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/clit-vibrators/sp-satisfyer-next-generation-104149.aspx?st=search%20autocomplete%3Eproduct%3ESatisfyer%201%20-%20Next%20Generation

  6. Getting a new sex toy is apparently socially awesome? And not telling your friends about your sex toys is apparently socially awkward?

  7. Loads of people telling you to get better friends. I say keep whatever boundaries you feel comfortable with. They don’t see the irony in having comfortable levels in communication in sex and the parallels in relationships. If you aren’t comfortable don’t do it. That doesn’t make you a prude. It doesnt make your friends bad friends.

  8. Managed to score this for around 20 bucks. Not brag-worthy but was still proud to find a deal……….


  9. I’ve noticed that girls show off their sex toys all the time…. guys however usually don’t even admit to having one in fear they’ll be labeled a creep.

    Or maybe the girls I know are just a strange kinky outlier?

  10. I am an open book about stuff like that with my friends, if they judge me negatively for it, it’s their loss

  11. well, call me old fashion, but I just don’t really have any interest in what my friends are putting inside themselves or what they are putting themselves inside of. Do what you want, I dont care or judge but Id rather talk about other stuff.

  12. Every dude needs to try a fleshlight at least once. Guys need to stop being such prudes in general tbh

  13. I feel the same way about my new tits 😂

    Edit: Actually double thinking I guess that’s not entirely true. I have shamelessly sent many “new boobs!” pics to people

  14. I bought my wife the Yarosi curve AND upgraded to the Yarosi Pro. She loves it. Next will be the Ohmibod 3.0 remote controlled vibrating panties.

  15. This is a trend that seems to be breaking within my more recently developed friends group (<3 years). We started doing Pure Romance parties, which helped break that ice and now it’s something we talk about. It’s like talking to a therapist. Plus, the ‘consultant’ has become a great friend!

  16. I just bought some paperback hentai and a couple shirts off Fakku. I can’t wait to show off the shirts.

  17. why has no one posted photos of their ST’s at home?

    there are a few links here to where you can get stuff but no ‘real’ purchased pics. seems odd to me.

    now people are going to want to see mine… all I can show you though would be my hand.

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