35 thoughts on “This would be more of a relief.

  1. Not when it’s my birthday and I don’t have the happy birthdays from strangers to validate my self worth!!

  2. The best advice I heard about Facebook was to treat it like a public bathroom. It has its uses, but you don’t want to spend too much time there.

    I forget who said it maybe John Oliver or some other comedian. Maybe it was from Bill Maher’s show.

  3. As someone in their 40’s, I appreciate having Facebook.
    I don’t spend a lot of time on it, but because of it I’ve been able to reconnect and stay connected to childhood and high school friends I hadn’t seen or heard from for years. It’s also convenient to know what family members are up to.
    You may say if I hadn’t kept in contact they must have not been that important, and maybe that’s true. But it’s still nice to be able to see how they’re doing and be a small part of their lives again.
    And I know there are other ways to stay in touch, but Facebook is the most convenient.
    I think the younger generations haven’t experienced the total disconnect that happens after high school since they had MySpace and then Facebook and everything else that has come since as a way to stay connected because of the internet.

  4. Today is my dad’s second birthday since he passed. Facebook worked well enough to remind me of that (his birthday) and inundate me with ads, but goddamn if I wanted to share a thought about him. Fucking error. I don’t have much family near me so it’s a way to connect with them and to, on this day, share his memory with others. I know I could do that any day but today is a special day.

  5. Many of you turdballs need to pull your head out of your asses. Reddit is full of overeducated underemployed philosophers who have achieved zero in life and contributed even less. So they feel compelled to tell the world how much of an elitist they are and too good for facebook, and no one else including the one billion people around the world should use it.

    Fact of the matter is, you crusty boogers of orangutans have no friends or anyone who wants to be your friend on this planet or on Facebook, so you shit on it and on anyone else who uses it. Get over your self. As others have stated, don’t like it? Don’t use it, move on with your life. I don’t like okra but I don’t preach to the world not to eat it.

  6. I use Facebook for hobby groups. I love them. Why can’t people jut stop bitching? Don’t want to use it…don’t. “I don’t like this. STOP LIKING THIS!”

  7. Acting like you’re elite but using Reddit…a social media platform with plenty of stupid and attention seekers and legit scary people to go around…

  8. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one day we all woke up and Facebook was just gone. Completely gone without a trace overnight. I wonder how the world would react and how it would unfold.

  9. I would love to quit facebook, but all my kids’ after school activities organize there. Rain in the forecast? Need to know if little league practice is cancelled? I have to check facebook.

    No exaggeration, this is the worst part about being a parent. Not dirty diapers. Not cleaning vomit. Not picking up the disaster around the house. None of it compares with being forced to visit face book regularly for actual important information.

  10. I was thinking about what would happen if it didn’t come back up. I honestly think there would be global chaos, even if short lived. Many many people’s livelihood depends on Facebook. Many applications rely on Facebook.

    It would be chaos

  11. If they shut down Facebook all the moms will migrate and to an unknown source. No it must be up to keep them isolated

  12. While I totally agree with the sentiment, having deleted Facebook around 10 years ago, I have to say that recently I’ve been creeping all my old college friends using Facebook and it’s a bit sad because all the people I’d like to actually get in touch with apparently stopped posting to Facebook between a month and two years ago…

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