26 thoughts on “You’re gonna fuck this up!

  1. Actually it is a calculated move.

    They all have their unique following for whatever reasons people have for supporting them.

    Then as a leader starts to materialize the weaker ones commit to pull out and endorse the leader for a potential spot in the new administration. They are supposed to bring in all their fans and coalesce into a bigger voting base.

    That’s how Hillary got Sec of State and Carson got HUD and all the other examples.

    I suspect Sanders was promised something huge that is directly impactful on an economic level like Treasury. Except Hillary lost. That’s why it stung so badly. He committed so much, half betraying his own ideals and then got nothing plus the Republicans won the election.


    Anyway, it is good to have all different folks gathering support in the beginning.

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  2. On the one hand, I agree.

    On the other, the GOP had like 16 fucking candidates go to the 2016 debates and things worked out OK for them, so *shrug*

  3. Last election, the number of Republicans running was too damn high, and every single one of them was a backwards corrupt dipshit. We then ended up with the dumbest and most corrupt of all of them, but if we had ended up with someone like Santorum or Ben Carson, we would be living under Christian sharia law right now.

  4. To add to this when Hillary conceded to Obama, it was such a huge deal to broker that she usurped political tradition/strategy.

    Usually the incumbent president that cannot run due to term limits passes the baton to the VP who’s been his right hand person, has been in the presidential support spot, and has gotten a lot of presidential mindshare throughout the 8 years in office.

    In 2008, Hillary’s base was so valuable to the leading Obama ticket that I imagine Obama had to have a heart to heart with Biden about the strategy to offer Hillary State and zero opposition in the presidential race from Biden after Obama’s term in office. Worked great for Obama but risked and lost the 2016 electoral college.

  5. It’s risk/reward.

    Risk is that the fracturing leads to the Trump (or Carter?) effect and someone who shouldn’t win, manages to survive the battle of attrition to emerge as our nominee. I’m thinking someone like Gabbard or Shultz (if he was running as a Dem).

    Reward could be that natural selection identifies the best possible candidate. Let the Oppo research flow thick now and avoid surprises in the general. Let those who can’t bounce back from setback or from attack, be culled from the pack.

    My feeling too, is that if Biden or Sanders can’t translate their initial momentum into a nomination, they aren’t a good enough candidate.


  6. As long as we committ to not attacking each other, more candidates means the best ideas getting out in front.

  7. Too many with not much difference between them.

    It will be much better when the field has narrowed a bit and some differences between the candidates materialize.

  8. I don’t get why more would more be a problem, but then again I don’t care in the slightest about politics.

  9. No. Absolutely not. Having this many candidates is how we get fresh new ideas (and for that matter, candidates) into the arena.

  10. That are trying to ensure Bernie does not get 50% of primary votes so they can have a brokered convention

  11. No this is good! It means that the votes will be split in a lot of ways and the Republicans will have an even higher chance of victory!

  12. Democrats are not a unified party and engage in very vicious attacks on opponents. So the problem is that this could lead to more fracturing and ruin the careers of the most well known candidates.

  13. It won’t matter what democrat is the leader. It won’t matter if Democrats win the election. Democracy in America has been subverted. Corporations own politicians on both sides. Unless Americans stand up and shut down the government, shut down the country, things will stay the same. Americans will still be enslaved to their corporate overlords.

  14. Yep. All the Bernie lovers will fuck it up and Trump will have another run. On top of that, the Democrats will likely put another shit candidate like Hilary out there.

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