18 thoughts on “Sad but true. Stay woke people.

  1. 1) The rich do buy their way in, and no one bats an eye

    2) This was them falsifying records to get their kids in, which is illegal fraud.

  2. It’s surprising to me that anyone was shocked about the recent revelations.

    It’s pretty clear how America works…

  3. Well we made it legal to do the first one. So yeah. Even made it legal to hide who ‘donated’ and how much. We also don’t bat an eye at rich people ‘donating’ entire libraries or wings to schools in exchange for preferential treatment, which is also legal. The only reason these rich people got caught was because they went for the discount version of paying a middle man.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of calls for prison time for rich douches that bought their kids college admissions, so this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think a better punishment would be to make them pay into scholarship funds so that deserving kids who can’t afford it can get an education. It’s shitty what they did but sticking them in jail benefits noone. Unless you want to put them in the slammer AND make them send kids to school…

  5. How about this one. CEO’s and other rich families from old money were also doing the same thing. Why do we not hear about them and only the celebrities? There still is two sets of justice going on here even with this scandal.

  6. I really thought this was more common knowledge…

    What’s so surprising to me is that it’s in fact illegal. I just accepted it as something rich people did.

  7. I am not shocked at all. I just love how these are the people who lecture about white privilege, and act all high and mighty. Say the fly over starter people are deplorable and racist. They won’t go to prison for their crimes. They will get let off and prove their white privilege. Sanctimonious, hypocrite, entitled little bitches got caught. Can’t wait to see their crying faces when they express their remorse for all to see. Remember they are just acting remorseful. I just pray they go to a real person as any other American would for fraud. Equal justice under the law? Doubt it.

  8. Because the News tells them to be mad about it….the concept of Parents donating money to schools to help the odds of there child getting in is no new thing……

    I guess this case is more intense, but still the same premise “money talks”

  9. Can we just agree that rich celebrity or rich politician or any rich a-hole will try to use their money as a shortcut to get ahead?

    And that the corruption is a feature, not a bug, of capitalism itself.

  10. I don’t care about the whole thing, you’d have to be naive to assume colleges are on the level.

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