46 thoughts on “Every single one that I see, forever.

  1. I will now forever upvote this Obama meme because the white pastor in my local baptist church uses this image to ‘prove’ that the current administration is more ‘moral’ since there’s no pictures of Trump drinking in public.

  2. The pessimist in me is waiting for the surge of post’s in a few weeks time from now saying something like “Hey remember that place that got cleaned up for #trashtag a while back?, here it is now”. With a picture of the place showing that it’s already covered in a new layer of garbage, and giving my pride in humanity a swift kick in the balls.

  3. Now we need a challenge to stop producing garbage! This is pointless if we continue to manufacture hundred of tonnes of garbage a year.

  4. I’m going to be the thousandth person to say it, but I really hope this trend doesn’t die out

  5. When did this meme turn G rated? Thought it’s supposed to be “fuck it, have an upvote”

  6. I’ve seen a lot of reaction memes where it’s decrying people for seeking attention for it or whatever. But I say, seek attention for it, because it might encourage someone else to clean some shit up. Even if someone cleans a beach just for some Reddit upvotes, how can anyone say that’s a bad thing. It’s more than I did sitting on my couch this evening.

  7. Most appropriate use for this meme…the number of times I thought this in my head when upvoting #TrashTag

  8. The ones that I wonder about are the ones that upvote all the 80085 odometer readings. How is that still funny to anyone?

  9. Upvote this to help change the world. Lets promote #picksix where people take a picture of 6 pieces of trash they come across and then tag 6 of their friends to do the same. Think of how much trash could be picked up if a million or fingers crossed a billion people picked up 6 pieces of trash.

  10. I’ve downvoted every #trashtag I’ve seen so far. Shit drives me crazy, but I’m getting mad at people for doing a good thing so I guess I’m just a bad person lol

  11. I’m afraid I downvote. I’m clearly a jerk, but I hate the posts… I hated the first one I saw and I hated the rest as well… I’m just here for laughs and tits.

  12. The only trend I want to last forever.

    The fact that this has taken off has literally brought a tear to my eye. Sometimes people can be fucking awesome.

  13. This is exactly how I like to pick up trash. Good job guys, keep it up. I’m cheering for you

  14. I’m just waiting for the inevitable demise of this meme when people start posting about the needle sticks and HIV prophylaxis they went through

  15. Is it just me or does Obama look absolutely sauced in the pic? Could just be his expression but his eyes look pretty heavy

  16. Me too. I just worry folks are gonna start stealing others’ photos and claiming they were the ones that did the cleaning. Or worse, that someone might fake an “after” photo and then trash the place for the “before” photo.

  17. We should act the same to any positive challenge that comes up. People wanna compete for our upvotes? Fuck yeah go ahead, clean the park, buy food for the homeless, volunteer at an old age home and help them out.
    Even the most shallow people who are just doing it for the upvotes are still doing a hell of a lot for the world and I’m ok with upvoting every damn one of them!

  18. I actually picked up some trash at two county parks today. Luckily I didn’t discover the excrement until after I’d arrived home and was separating the recyclables from the rest of the trash. I’m gonna need a lot of upvotes to make up for the five minutes or so I spent gagging and dry heaving in my driveway.

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