27 thoughts on “It’s a complete waste of both our time, eBay sellers

  1. As a seller you get to set a threshold that unless the offer crosses the price set it gets auto declined.

  2. They probably didn’t mean to put the “make an offer” on the item. For some reason, eBay defaults with that option if you do the express listing starting from an existing item. If you don’t sell a lot of items, you might not even realize it was added and it is intuitive how to remove it.

  3. Mine are usually accepted, but they have to be reasonable. Like offering $40-$45 for an item listed for $50. You can’t make half-priced offers or lower and expect an intelligent seller to accept.

  4. eBay often clicks the ON for every auction I put up. You have to remember to MANUALLY unclick it and sometimes I don’t.

    It is them, not us.

    One time I had a bunch of Chaps shirts for sale for $19 with best offer on and some guy offered me $50. I don’t think he knew how Best Offer worked, but I took it and he was happy.

  5. As an eBay seller, 95% of the offers are complete low balls.

    It’s reasonable if you want 5, 10, sometimes even 15% off an item. 50% is not it. Many of these buyers will even send messages saying that they have the money and can pay you ASAP ZOMG outside of eBay so you can avoid fees, but you’d have to agree to slash the price by 30%.

    Trying to sell on eBay is hard enough as it is. Please don’t make it worse.

  6. He’s countering with his Buy It Now price.

    If they had to counter with a lower price for anyone that makes an offer they wouldn’t sell anything at the Buy it Now price.

    You’d just have to “make an offer” to get any kind of discount.

  7. I sell on ebay extensively, and I honestly don’t have time to play the offer-counteroffer game with lowballers on every item I sell. I have hundreds of listings; some day soon I will have thousands.

    I set my buy it now price, and I decide what my actual lowest price is. It’s a reasonable fraction of my ideal price. Then I set it to auto-accept that price or higher, and to auto-deny that price or lower. So I’m not spending ANY of my time; you may be wasting your own time if you’re sending me $20 offers on a $100 item, but that isn’t my problem.

    TL;DR bad buyers get to interact with the bot instead of me.

  8. At least eBay has a threshold. My experience trying to sell something recently on Craigslist:

    *Listing for XYZ item for $200. Cash only, local pickup, reasonable offers accepted.*


    Reply: “Hey, how about $50 and a sweet turtle?”



  9. I recently made an offer on an item. It was 25 dollars and I offered 20 dollars. They countered with 24.99. That’s when I knew they were just fucking with me and I bought the same item from someone else.

  10. As a seller I’ve had too many ridiculously low offers to ever consider accepting, so I stopped accepting offers.

  11. I run an ebay business. I bet you are offering $20 on a $200 item or something. I’m not going to counter you because I know you are a broke window shopper and I have 10 other serious buyers I can respond to instead

  12. I was selling my old cell and started the bid at $99 (well ebay set that price cause of other selling for certain price). For the first few days of the 7 days i received 5 offers under $50. My response was always “not looking at offers under minimum bid” i posted the question hoping it would stop. By day 4 and 5 I started to get bids, offers then stop but I ended up selling my phone for $160, which was the average they were selling for at the time.

  13. Have you sold *anything*, offline or online? People are idiots; “Oh you want $20,000 for this essentially brand new car? How about $8,000K?” Ummm no, go away. I wish real life had an auto-deny function.

  14. I got a knife listed at $265 for $200 and got 4 1 TB hard drives for a Dell server for $100 ($25/drive) rather than $180 ($45/drive).

  15. I noticed that eBay now automatically has the “make an offer” option on buy-it-now listings. Sellers have to specifically turn it off on every listing after they’ve created it. It also lets you set a threshold which automatically denies the offer if it’s below a certain price.

  16. What was the auction/buy it now price? And what were you offering? As a buyer and seller I understand not accepting offers in the hopes that someone pays what you value the item at. I’ve also made some pretty crap “offers” that usually get declined.

  17. eBay offers all sorts of listing ‘discounts’. Could be the seller is only listing with that format because it’s free or cheaper than normal.

  18. It happened to me once. I just sold my old graphics card, as my dad gave me an expensive gift (another graphics card) and I promised him to give him ~100€ back for the expensive present. Thus I wanted to sell it for 99€, the usual price was 110€ on eBay. So I got like 8 requests for a lower price in 12 hours, one of the wanting to give me only 50€. That’s why I declined every one of the requests, even though I got one for 95€. I just realized, I can sell it for the full price and that’s why I had the decline every request. I somehow feel sorry for that, as I would’ve sold it for 85€ as well, but the amount of super low money requests just made me so angry that I wanted all the money

  19. I tried it once. Got a $950 item for $650 after a couple of offers/counter offers. I guess I got lucky.

  20. I hate the whole barter system. When I sell something I just put the price I want for it. And say firm yet there is always the idiots who through out these low ball offers. Then when you remind them the price is firm they act all offended. I always search for the same item I am selling and sell at the same price as the lowest ad I find or sometimes 10-20% less than that.

  21. There is a setting to auto-decline offers below xxx threshold. Because otherwise I get shit offers for something I know I can sell for more. The starting bid is there for a reason… because I want at least that much for it or why bother selling it and paying the fees. But I’ll agree sometimes on a buy it now I’ve found they have offers enabled but like they only accept offers that are like a few bucks less than the buy it now… so what’s the point.

  22. This is a psychological thing. They can offer something at $99, abd have the “auto-reject” number be $98.50. Once you make one attempt at buying something, your resolve increases to own it. You want it more.

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