37 thoughts on “Cord cutters in 2019

  1. We still have DirecTV and it drives me insane. My wife refuses to give it up. I tell her we can get the same channels at a fraction of the price but she refuses to learn a new interface, calling it her way of spoiling herself.

  2. I haven’t had cable TV in years. The last time, I asked 12 or 13 different ways if the install was free. The sales guy said yes every time. On my first bill, there was a $250 install charge. Apparently, if the installer steps thru the front door, it’s considered a full install and is not free. Fuck cable.

  3. I hate when you ask someone if they have seen a show and they get all self righteous with “I don’t watch tv.”

    You watch 4 hours of Netflix a night, dickface, and you know that’s the same thing!

  4. I’m in Chicago and Concast has cornered the market. I could switch but all of the other providers have crappy internet which is where most of the cost of comcast goes towards. I’m basically paying a lot for internet with cable thrown in.

    Edit: I meant Comcast, but this works too

  5. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon (which I get for prime anyways) covers most of it for me. Sports is the tougher one, football season I can go to the bar once per week to watch, which is nicer anyways. But I also like baseball, which can be a lot harder to watch a lot of games without a package

  6. My apartment includes basic cable. I never hooked it up until my mom flew into town to visit and wanted her morning local news. Haven’t watched it since.

  7. A few months ago I crunched the numbers to see if cutting cable and switching to Sling would be worthwhile. I have Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet and calculated with the taxes and fees that I would only be “saving” about $20 a month and that would be only if I reduced my internet speed.


    So, yeah, not worth it for me.

  8. I’ll be 30 this year. In most of my 20s I was very into being a cord cutter and saving money in every possible way, but as I’ve grown in my career and earned enough to begin affording to actually *live* a little, I decided to resubscribe to cable (satellite, through a local company). Sports, live tv, and the convenience are just these little pleasures that I feel I can give myself and my family.

    I’m not saying you have to go out and get cable, just saying you don’t *have* to adhere to the principles of being a millennial if you don’t want to. Life is short. Do your thang.

  9. I have comcast pretty much at my wife’s request. Either way, just buying an internet package would be almost as much as having cable.

  10. I’ve never had cable TV, although I do have Netflix, etc. now. When I was a kid in the 90’s all we had was an antenna and a VCR. There is this thing galled “broadcast television” that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Just want to remind people it still exists…

  11. Cable is actually great. Now hear me out: cable is a terrible *value* and you get completely fucked over in the price, but the service itself is phenomenal.

    Let me put this another way: if you were given any service for free, and you could use any of them, you would prefer netflix? I wouldn’t. Last 2 seasons of just about every show on-demand, every sport event, tons of channels and shows not on netflix, netflix/prime actually integrated into basic searches.

    The issue isn’t whether cable is “good or bad” it’s that it’s way too fucking expensive.

  12. Everyone I know has cable TV. You don’t really save much by cord cutting, internet access becomes like $90-100/month

  13. I haven’t had cable since 2009 lol. I just got tired of prices just continuing to rise. I bought an HD antennae for the standard network channels- all are crystal clear quality. I have Netflix, HBO and Amazon for what works out to like $35/ month. I can deal with that amount. $100+ a month for cable? No.

    I actually watch TV less now- and more gym time/ outside activity time. Has been an improvement for health and my bank account.

  14. I will continue to have cable until there is a service with a decent remote the disabled can use. I have a handicapped brother who only has use of a couple fingers. He can do a standard remote fine, but none of the services have a decent remote. It’s all touch pads and voice controls. He needs a guide with voice guidance and an actual channel button. As soon as the streaming services consider that the disabled exist I will give them a shot.

  15. Actually this was a legit big deal for my folks. They had dish network and were paying $230+ monthly! 2 tv with HD and one DVR. They found out about direc tv now any only paid for the Roku which was $50 one time and monthly $50 for the exact same networks they’ve been watching and I have them access to my Netflix and Hulu as well!

  16. Cable internet, Firestick, and Direct TV Now app. We shaved $100/ month of our bill after ditching cable TV, and still get all our channels.

  17. Don’t worry, broadband will be the new cable in 10 years in the USA, it seems, unless things change. Those monstrous, powerful cable companies and telecommunication services aren’t letting go of you. They’re simply throwing you over to their other talon in the long run.

  18. I had an older coworker ask what I was watching on tv lately and she seemed flabbergasted when I said I don’t really watch tv… like I don’t even have the antennae set up to recieve basic channels no less have cable. And like I do watch a few anime each week online but there’s absolutely no way this woman would even comprehend that concept.

  19. Still have cable, and Netflix, and Hulu, and Amazon prime TV, and hmm that’s it for now. I’ll get the Disney steam service when it’s out…

    Also, I went to cancel cable once to try psvue but my internet would have still cost a premium for the 300gb speed I have. So, it was like $30 extra to keep a cable channel package with the internet.

  20. I switched over to a internet tv provider (PSVue) and while I really like it, the prices are creeping up on cable prices. With that and all of my streaming services I’m pretty close to cost of Cable. Granted I have access to everything for the price of basic cable but still.

  21. i get a good deal when I bundle cable and internet. I did the math before and it would actually cost me more to have standalone internet plus one of the online services that provide live tv (i need my sports fix) than to just keep my cable bundle. Which blows, I wish I could ditch it, but it just doesnt make financial sense.

    As long as I threaten to cancel my service every 2 years that is, I just online chat until I get a significant discount. (always online chat, its good to have proof of the terms right there in text form)

  22. I went back to my folks house a few weeks back and was flipping through their cable and found “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.” How can people pay for that crap?

  23. We cut our cords in 2004. We watched the news on local TV but most of our TV watching was on HBO, Netflix, and whatever I could get online. It isn’t just the millennials, we are boomers. I wish our media would quit categorizing us (like I just did by calling myself a boomer and acknowledging the millennials).

  24. What’s really funny is that when you add all the streaming platforms you want you will be paying the same as when you had a cable bill.

  25. As the number of cable subscribers goes down, the ISP data rates go up. You’re not fooling or getting around them. They’ll get their money one way or the other. They saw it coming years ago and prepared accordingly.

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