36 thoughts on “Some pay to get into college, while others will still be paying our way out of college for another 30 years.

  1. A. They won’t win $500 billion

    B. If they did win they wouldn’t get that amount of money

    C. Companies have insurance for all kind of shit

  2. If you take out a loan, you should be willing to pay it back. But that’s none of my business.

  3. You….you don’t get how it works, do you.

    I can sue you for making this post. But no lawyer in their right mind would take the case, and no court whatsoever would hear the case.

    Good try though.

  4. This kind of stupid shit making the front page only reinforces the need for mandatory legal and financial literacy classes in school.

    Just because you sue for a set amount of money doesn’t mean that money magically gets created and put into an account. It doesn’t mean the money even exists. Jesus Christ.

  5. I never get how people expect student loan forgiveness. I have student loans I’m paying off. You agreed to the loan amount and interest rate. No one forced you to go to college, and to take out loans. Do you think people should get credit card debt forgiveness also? Is there something I’m not understanding?

  6. If you cant repay your college degree within 30 years, maybe you should have gotten a degree that employers want.

  7. People can sue for whatever amount they want. [A guy famously sued for 3 QUADRILLION dollars](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/katrina-victim-sues-for-3-quadrillion/) after Hurricane Katrina.

    He didn’t win, of course, but the fact that he was able to sue for 3 quadrillion doesn’t have any relation, at all, in any sense, to the amount of money “out there” in the world. It just means he was able to file a lawsuit for that amount. It has no bearing on any sort of validity.

    But I suppose this will reach the front page anyway, because people on Reddit just want their biases confirmed and don’t care to read into anything.

  8. That college degree ain’t gonna help you OP

    Also fuck anyone complaining about a loan they voluntarily applied for with no intention of paying

  9. Sure, but then how do you shackle intellectual labour, force graduates to take shit jobs, and make them act against their own best interests? That’s no way to control a society.

  10. Hate to break it to you, but you set the value of your college education. It only has worth because you decided it did. You chose an education that would take 30 years to pay back.

    It may have been wiser to have chosen a cheaper path. Now you want someone to bail you out? What if your chosen profession, due to your valuable degree, nets you a good living? What portion of your good fortune are we entitled to? Nothing. You took the risks. You did the work, the reward is yours.

    Whether the rich and famous buy their way into school or bribe their way in, it has no relation to your choices.

  11. If you sue for a low amount, and win, you won’t get above the amount you sued for – so if you sue for more than possible, it’s up to the judge for how much you win.

  12. Enough with the student loan forgiveness already. If you agreed to take out the loan, you need to pay it back.

  13. I’ll take “Posts That Don’t Make a Lick of Sense” for $500 billion, Alex.

    *This post doesn’t make a lick of sense.*

    What is, OP’s post?

  14. Or… you can accept the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for the decision YOU MADE to take a $600,000 loan to pay for a PHD in Creative Writing.

  15. How can you be in favor of student loan forgiveness? This punishes people who may have wanted to college but didn’t want to be in debt for decades and rewards people who took out loans for absurdly unprofitable majors…

    The real problem is as long as the government guarantees loans colleges will keep raising and raising tuition.

  16. OK LISTEN UP KIDS. Just because you retardedly decided to go into debt doesn’t mean colleges owe you that money. You made a bad money decision, now deal with the consequences.

    Can I take out a loan to buy 5000 tamagotchis and ask for debt forgiveness?

    FOH outta here with that.

  17. This doesn’t make sense. You can sue for any arbitrary amount.

    Also, if you take out a loan, it is not the taxpayers reaponsibility to pay for it.

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