45 thoughts on “The best part? I decided to answer some emails while waiting for my new flight because I was bored. My boss complimented my work ethic for going the extra mile on the weekend, then told me to stop working. Quadruple win.

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  3. I once fell asleep waiting for my flight, but asked the ticket counter women to wake me up. She woke me up with the words “I’m so sorry”. She forgot about me and didn’t notice until her shift was over. She booked me on a first class direct flight and got home 3 hours early.

  4. When it comes to emails, I use a trick to make it look like I do more than I actually do.

    I skim every email as they come in and determine whether or not it is urgent enough to warrant an immediate response. If not then I wait. I’ll respond to all remaining emails in batches in the morning and the evening. But instead of sending them right out, I use a scheduler program that selects a random time within the next 72 hours and sends it then. That way the people receiving the emails can’t tell when I’m actually working because they regularly get emails at times like 3am Saturday morning.

  5. Flying protip:

    Always ask the attendant at the gate if you can get moved up to an earlier flight once you are through the gate. I fly out of O’Hare so there are usually flights to most major destinations so frequently that I’ll get bumped to a flight leaving in like 20 mins completely eliminating my wait.

  6. Got a new phone and Baconreader settings to exclude subs from r/all obviously didn’t migrate. Glad to know people still don’t know how to use the social awkward social awesome penguin. On top of that the content is a reminder why this is one of the first subs that gets booted.

  7. Nice. Last time I missed my flight (due to weather delayed connecting flight) I was given a complimentary night’s sleep in the SFO airport with all shops/restaurants closed. It was so cold, if any shops has been open I’d still have an overpriced San Francisco sweatshirt…..

  8. >missed my flight and had to be rebooked on a later flight

    ahh the cringe holy shit sooooo awkward lmfaoo had to stop reading there

    you my good sir, win teh internetz of the day

  9. This is probably off topic but I have a question relating to this:
    I was travelling recently for a work trip, my flight was overbooked and I had to be bumped for a later flight.
    I got compensated by the airline for the inconvenience.

    My boss asked me to give over the compensated money because the company booked my tickets hence the money belonged to them.

    Who would be entitled to the money in such a scenario?

  10. It’s like that time that I missed my flight from Oakland to Seattle via Salt Lake and was re-routed via LAX and got to SeaTac before my original flight anyway.

  11. im glad there are 100 comments already bashing your use of socially awkward penguin. i dont have to say anything

  12. I was trying to fly home a couple months ago. My flight got delayed so I asked the desk if there was any other route I could take. Ended up getting home sooner, first class on both my flights and a voucher. Sometimes it works out.

  13. Once got an office for a $1000 voucher to take a different flight that would get me there at the same time, but I’d lose my exit row and it was from Detroit to Taipei, and I’m 6’4″. I was going to take it, and might have regretted it, but someone else didn’t show up.

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  15. So you worked through your first flight, got bumped from the later flight, got a sweet voucher, and a new flight? Sounds pretty cool, but bro, you’re the employee out there that makes bosses think employees should work for free on their own time. If you aren’t on the clock, stop working and enjoy life.

  16. I used to fly a ton for work. Now that I’m retired I’ve not flow much so I’ve lost my status. I used to be upgraded to first class almost always. Now I have to pay the extra money but if you can afford it *do it*. It’s so much better in every way. It practically pays for itself if you bring a lot of luggage (pro extreme athlete. Tons of gear). Free drinks and meals. Access to the sky lounge. Priority bags. And of course large seats which is amazing especially if your tall like me. Seriously if you can afford to do so definitely do it. Money well spent.

  17. Good for you! Today I was going to miss my flight and had an airline put me on a cab for an almost 200 mile ride, and I’m sitting at the gate waiting to board my connection. Crazy.

  18. Holy moly, similar thing happened to me! Was supposed to fly out Friday, flight got cancelled, only available flight within about a hundred square miles was on Sunday, took that, worked on Saturday which was nice appreciated, and only made my flight because someone else gave up his seat! Wait, my story is only a little similar. Oh well. Anyways, thanks United!

  19. That’s opposite of my last work trip. Flew from the west coast to CHI, then CHI to JFK. On the way back after working a month straight we flew out of JKF after driving a rental from BF to JKF at 1am, flew out to CHI, had a three hour wait, then the flight was cancelled; we then had to find food as all the kiosks were closed. Found a Denny’s 5 blocks from the AP, but we walked, then we had to fly into CA because no flights were available into SEA directly. We then flew from LAX to SEA, but the local flight to the small airport 3 hours away we didn’t make, so we rented another car, for the 3 hour drive. We were awake for 38 hours, but the company did compensate our hours and flights.

  20. Which airline? Did they give you a meal voucher that didn’t work or call you a little fat girl?

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