26 thoughts on “Apartment searching- you’re site instantly gives me a red flag first impression

  1. YES! I also hate it when they don’t list prices for units! Or when you click on a button that says “price” and it directs you to a contact us/set up a tour page. Made apartment hunting last year that much more annoying.

    While we’re on the topic, why does every new apartment building going up seem to think having one 2-3 foot counter in the kitchen is sufficient kitchen counter space? As someone who enjoys cooking this irritates me to no end.

  2. That and borderline-stock photos of the city’s skyline, which may or may not be visible from the apartment.

  3. Concrete block with a multicolor facade, built in the middle of nowhere, only accessible by highway.

    “New Luxury Rentals”

  4. It’s funny, I just picked out a new apartment and the one that didn’t have any interior photos was the best one.

  5. In my neighborhood they took these really old crappy built in 1979 apartments and redid the siding (cedar planks to vinyl) and now they are building this HUGE facade around the old leasing office. I mean it looks like a stage set. I can’t even figure out how they will remodel the inside of this structure. I wonder what the bathrooms look like inside those apartments. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a structure being built for social media.

  6. The best part “here is our awesome pool, just never mind that we photoshopped out all, or took a photo that specifically doesn’t have all the 3FT depth signs.”

  7. They do this because they think people care and spend more time using the amenities that the actual living space.

  8. Bonus points for listing it at 10,000 square feet even though it’s a shoe box just so it’ll show up in my searches of 1000+ sqft

  9. It shows that apartment is awfully shitty to what you’re being showed. LOL

    Try buying a house OP it’s much better than an apartment /s

  10. The worst ones are the pictures of super swanky but tiny public spaces- so you’re trying to believe they are in the unit but clearly aren’t.

  11. But that means the fat ladies at the front desk have to get up and go take pictures they don’t have time for that.

  12. I always make sure to do a Google Streetview walk through of the area. This will give you a good idea of what the area is like during the day.

  13. A red flag for me was all the apts that were listed that only had pics of the outside.

    Like you can’t access the apt? What’s the problem?

  14. Tbh complexes tend to be overpriced, small units, bad internet, bunch of rules, and loud neighbors.

    I’ve never regretted renting an apartment in a multi unit house from a small landlord. Typically they are cheaper for a bigger place. You get your own yard. You deal with the owner so you can get permission for things much easier. You choose you internet. No parking passes or dumb rules like that.

  15. New England half the apartments are so shitty that you have to request pictures. Instead they convince to come for a tour only to be greeted with with a subletted shack in the methy part of town.

    400f^2 studio with peeling laminated floors and only a two burner stove can be yours for 1200 a month.

  16. The corollary to this is when you are looking at houses on Zillow and they show too many pictures of the clubhouse and pool. That just makes me wonder how much the HOA fees are.

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