40 thoughts on “Used 750 Zero Two memes to make this. Mods can’t take down this reaction image if it’s actually just a bunch of memes. Modern problems require modern solutions.

  1. He’s technically correct. The best kind of correct.

    Got the mods all deliberating and shit.

    The pictures of the memes are of *sub-par* quality though. If you think this submission is of low quality or doesn’t really belong on this subreddit, smash that downvote button.

    (BTW: *749)

  2. So [the original](https://redd.it/auz2n7) got taken down for being a reaction image, but I was told it would be fine if I removed the text.

    If you think about it, maybe this meme breaks rule 9 (no repost rule) up to 750 times.

  3. So you though I wouldn’t see the Komi San meme you snuck in huh? What did you think you were slick? Trying to prove something? Well here’s what this proves: I’m better than you. I’ve outplayed you; it’s over. Hammer man, out.

  4. my initial reaction was to call bs on the concept, never been happier to be proven wrong.

  5. If you zoom in you can clearly see an Elon Musk image on top left and the very same image bottom right

  6. Nice try, OP. You didn’t think anyone would NOTICE?!?

    I see that Holofan meme you snuck in.

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