48 thoughts on “I made my first meme … please be nice loll

  1. You’re forgetting the people who read the source material untranslated.

    Or have they already ascended?

  2. I started out just preferring dubs, but now I watch them exclusively because the shame/hate/disgust you get from other weebs is too good to pass up.

  3. I wonder if anyone here can actually watch anime in it’s pure show form. Like understand it without subtitles. No one? Just me? Alright….

  4. I watch dubbed shows just to compare them to subs and see their wording and delivery.

    The nuances of Japanese dub is more real than its English dubbed counterpart, though some anime are good with dub.

  5. If it’s Japanese, I don’t read the light novels. If it’s Chinese, I don’t watch the animes. It’s the cycle of life.

  6. The subs are often better, but sometimes the dub is not terrible and actually enjoyable (like BNHA)

  7. I watch Dub, therefore Im hated by you fucking Weebs and therefor I am the most powerful fucking Weeb.

  8. I prefer sub because I usually only find subbed animes but if the anime has really fast dialogue or a lot of speech to read I’ll choose dub because I’m not a fast reader.

  9. Except for Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is the sole exception. Everything about it is better in English.

  10. Let’s be honest just because the sub is almost always better than the dub, doesn’t mean that the dub is necessarily bad.

  11. Honestly, I prefer most Shonen dubbed, and the Dragon Ball, One Piece, and HeroAca dubs are pretty good

  12. I only watch dubs because I cant pay attention to what’s actually happening in the show if I’m reading subtitles

  13. 日本語を習って分かるようになったら、有りのままで見たくなりますよ。それは事実なんだ。just learn Japanese it’s not hard for a weeb. Took me abt 6-7 months to start learning without anyone’s help

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