No hate towards SAO fans, I like Abridged too.

Anime Meme about No hate towards SAO fans, I like Abridged too.

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26 Comments on “No hate towards SAO fans, I like Abridged too.

  1. Kinda worried bout the CG tho, hope it turns out good coz I love spider isekai.

  2. Rip

    I saw your post on r/overlord so i crossposted (deleted it)

    I got 10 upvotes in 3 min

    I feelsad for this post

  3. All hail our new lord and savior Kumoko, and intelligence kumoko, and magic kumoko 1, and magic kumoko 2

  4. Wait is the spider one where the girl died and got reincarnated as a spider?

  5. Overlord isn’t better than SAO

    Also unpopular opinion: that time I got reincarnated as a slime > shield hero

  6. Wonder what the reaction to Arifuerta will be, the first volume of the LN is one of the strongest so the hype should be good at least. >!Commercial also had Tio in it so it’s sure to go well past that. !<

  7. That’s Rimuru, Shadman, and the Shield Hero guy. For some bizarre fucking reason, I can’t find subbed SH anywhere.

  8. Keep in mind that none of these shows would exist without SAO.

  9. is this the same one where the spider finds out that she is not actually a person and instead a pet spider from the classroom and that is why she reincarnated as one?

  10. I hate that slime anime. I don’t usually hate anime but I hate this one

  11. If you like SAOA then you should like ghost stories dub.

  12. Well that’s because shield hero is best anime (yikes, opinion alert). Unless we look at Yuru Camp then that is the true best animu

  13. Man I hate being 3 weeks behind everyone because I watch the dub

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