I mean…

Anime Meme about I mean...

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20 Comments on “I mean…

  1. Ain’t gay if it’s a feminine penis bro.

  2. I’m not gay **BUT** I wonder about Astofolo’s M O U T H F E E L from time to time.

  3. Dis ni🅱️🅱️a got the extra jumbo size deluxe ultra turbo mega ultimate super saiyan giga gay requiem act 4 over heaven

  4. I just furiously masturbated to Astolfo hentai, bu it’s ok because I said no homo

  5. Eh, I’ll go back to being straight when I’m done.

  6. Hanz, get ze Sturmgeschütz III G, load the derp cannon.

    We have shit to vaporise.

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