46 thoughts on “When it’s good, it’s good

  1. Literally Code Geass… Even tho it toyed with m my emotions it was in the end a pretty good anime with a nice ending

  2. No one mentioning Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for its literally perfect ending is a crime that will not go unpunished!

  3. Hunter X Hunter, but then you realize that the manga has never finished so the anime hasn’t ended either

  4. When you’re sad that it’s over but also it’s a sad ending so you cry even harder

    *I’ll miss you mikazuki*

  5. As long as the ending **IS** good otherwise I get to yell at no one about how they messed up a perfectly good series

  6. Just read the manga/Light novel(except if ita an original anime, if thats the case, i know how it hurts)

  7. I think when people say they have more depression after watching Eva is just post-anime depression.

  8. This brings back the “feels”. Sometime conclusive endings hurt, but it is the pain that makes you stronger

    Lol I am just a fucking weeb

  9. Literally on episode 22 of Unlimited Blade Works right now and I’m ready for a sad but satisfying ending

  10. It is Elfen Lied for me now. The ending was so sad it almost make me cry :'(. (Yes I read the manga too)

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