When it’s good, it’s good

Anime Meme about When it's good, it's good

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46 Comments on “When it’s good, it’s good

  1. Literally Code Geass… Even tho it toyed with m my emotions it was in the end a pretty good anime with a nice ending

  2. I feel you, bittersweet memories. It was great while it lasted.

  3. This is right before you go looking for doujins, right? A friend of mine does that.

  4. I wish there was a continuation of the story line after Unlimited Blade Works

  5. No one mentioning Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for its literally perfect ending is a crime that will not go unpunished!

  6. Damn. I miss Akatsuki no Yona and Gurren Lagann even more now D:

  7. I just finished A Place Further Than the Universe, and this could not be a bigger mood.

  8. Hunter X Hunter, but then you realize that the manga has never finished so the anime hasn’t ended either

  9. I feel ya, just finished Cowboy Bebop today

  10. When you’re sad that it’s over but also it’s a sad ending so you cry even harder

    *I’ll miss you mikazuki*

  11. I literally just finished this anime and screen shot Ted this scene last night.

  12. kill la kill ,gurren lagann, and little witch academia.

  13. Clannad after story but it just made me cry, even though it’s so good

  14. Bloom into you. The first and best Yuri anime I’ve watched.

  15. Inb4 people crucify you for saying your instead of you’re

  16. As long as the ending **IS** good otherwise I get to yell at no one about how they messed up a perfectly good series

  17. Gurren Lagann’s ending made me want to die, but it was a great show

  18. when you’re waiting for the next ep of something and it comes out on your birthday

  19. Reading Yamada kun and the 7 witches a few days ago gave me exactly these feels

  20. Just read the manga/Light novel(except if ita an original anime, if thats the case, i know how it hurts)

  21. I think when people say they have more depression after watching Eva is just post-anime depression.

  22. And it’s even better when you find out theres a bunch of doujinshi about it

  23. The End of Evangelion had a depressing but fucking legendary ending.

  24. This brings back the “feels”. Sometime conclusive endings hurt, but it is the pain that makes you stronger

    Lol I am just a fucking weeb

  25. Literally on episode 22 of Unlimited Blade Works right now and I’m ready for a sad but satisfying ending

  26. It is Elfen Lied for me now. The ending was so sad it almost make me cry :'(. (Yes I read the manga too)

  27. Me after finishing the manga of Pandora Hearts

  28. I just finished the entire Monogatari series today and yea, I can relate to this.

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