19 thoughts on “the flood gates must endure

  1. I wish I could relate to this, but I haven’t met new people to begin with. I legitimately have not talked to any person in years aside from my mom. I suppose the weeb part is relatable given that I browse animemes as a form of escapism from my life, but when my eyes go off the screen I am miserable once again. So in my moment of freedom from the screen I make a declaration to break away from my routine. But no, here I am right this moment browsing memes for hours now. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t even watch much anime, why am I so preoccupied with looking at memes of Japanese cartoons? I was a failure in school. Back then, every year I sworn on my life to improve myself but no, still failed every time, because I was busy jacking it to nekos. Yet I’m too much of a pussy to off myself. Now I got no job and I spend all day and night doing the same thing every day. Just staring at my computer like a fucking tard. Last time I saw myself in the mirror I didn’t even recognize the depraved degenerate man staring at me. Perhaps that’s why I like looking at anime, because they are so bright and expressive and so simplified so I can project myself onto them since I have minimal social interaction or knowledge of how young adults actually behave. Year after year I tried to get out, “this year comes change” I tell myself. Haha it was this year 5 years ago. I’m more mentally broken than a girl in a old ugly bastard rape doujin. This is not a joke. This is an actual cry for help.

  2. I try, but it’s inevitable that I’m going to make a subtle JoJo reference in an attempt to signal to my kind. Example:

    “Replacing the coffee again, XLauncher? How many times does that make?”

    “How many breads have you eaten?”


    “Uh, nothing, I dunno, maybe like the third time this week.”

  3. The trick is to let it slip with 4d chess levels of strategy and subtlety, something so obscure and unrelatable that not even other weebs will understand. That at least shall ease your soul, while keeping you safe.

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