It’s about to get interesting here boys

Anime Meme about It's about to get interesting here boys

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24 Comments on “It’s about to get interesting here boys

  1. I have seen enough scaly things to know where this is going

  2. The average female human is 1,60m or ca. 5,25 Feet high. That would be a 3,20m (over 10,5 feet) dick. That poor dude has a dick higher than my fucking room! That would be actually terrifying.

  3. Woah there jimmy I’m gonna have to make a formal request for the sauce on the right picture

  4. *Old school 70s porno music begins to play

  5. Snake seems a bit too flexible. Maybe it has ereptile dysfunction.

  6. All her doujins are pretty bad tbh, I am left wanting

  7. “If you squeeze my lizard

    I’ll put my snake on you

    I’m a romantic adventure

    And I’m a reptile too…”

    – “Killed by Death” by Motorhead.

  8. The post right above this one is from r/natureismetal depicting a frog swallowing a snake lol

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