The will of Steins Gate

Anime Meme about The will of Steins Gate

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18 Comments on “The will of Steins Gate

  1. The microwave is the science in the microwave

  2. The increase of Steins;Gate memes must be the true will of the Steins Gate

  3. The organisation has shown it’s hand

  4. As a food scientist I am unsure of what to do.

  5. It wouldn‘t surprise me if it actually was at CERN. [They fucking know]( [They REALLY fucking know](

  6. *Microwave is never used since technically everything can be science*

  7. To be fair I wouldn’t want a bunch of green goop in my microwave

  8. If you put something into microwave and then go back in time then technically you never used microwave. I think I solved it

  9. If you run it in reverse though then both rules reverse meaning only science in the microwave and no food. Checkmate CERN.

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