19 thoughts on “this is my canon

  1. I like how the original artist was like “You know what? Fuck this. I’mma Deus Ex Machina my own goddamn hentai with motherfucking Jojo and give that poor lass the ending she deserves!”

    I don’t know if that speaks to 177013’s infamy or if that speaks to the insanity some hentai artists go through.

    Fuck it, it’s both.

    Quick edit: Damn, I was *one number* off. But I did find a pretty hot swimsuit hentai instead of Emergence…

  2. I’m calling it right now, she relapses and sells her daughter to a child sex ring for the money. Emergence 2.

  3. I did a little digging and from what it seems it’s not fan made but made by the original artist, might wana change that fan made part bud

  4. I thought the original author of Emergence really did that alternate(or Not) ending. You can check their author tag.

  5. Its actually canon, well more like an alternative ending, the guy that made emergency made this ending too.

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