20 thoughts on “Natsuo’s life is lit

  1. How can something with such a trashy premise instigate genuine feelings of anguish and joy inside of me. Is this a trend now? Trash titles but golden plot? Also, read the manga it’s lit.

  2. So, here a problem.

    Domestic girlfriend got itself into same trouble as kouji Seo’s works, namely Suzuka, Fuuka and Kimi ni Iru Machi. Not. Enough. Episodes. To. Make. Story. Count.
    True beauty of these series lies in what lies further beyond anime, in the source material.
    It pains me a lot, since I really wanted it to have at least 24 episodes so we can actually get somewhere without cutting half a plot.


  3. Im not watching that anime because Im not into depressed romance, but Im thankful because that shit made my know a god-tier singer. Really I can legit say that the opening is my new favorite one.

  4. i’ve literally been explaining the plot of domestic girlfriend to my normie friend and he’s very confused

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