Earth-chan at the climat march

Anime Meme about Earth-chan at the climat march

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28 Comments on “Earth-chan at the climat march

  1. I want to know what the surprised pikachu one in the background says

  2. [**You didn’t say anything about lewding her**](

  3. Look how smug he looks, he know he getting all the bitches after the rally.

  4. Fuck Earth-chan, I just want to see how many years Pikachu gives us

  5. When they only notice earth-chan but not you
    *surprised Pikachu in the background* :O

  6. The girl beside him looks so dead inside from his web shit

  7. When you realize there is another meme at the march besides yours (surprised pikachu face)

  8. Who’s the guy in front?? He’s really hot 😉

  9. Kill her? Hah hah! You fools.

    Earth-chan would most likely cry and feel deep sorrow as she realizes there is no other choice but to get rid of mankind through climate change. We are making her do it. We must do something different.

  10. my hope in humanity has dropped immeasurably

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