It would a close battle indeed

Anime Meme about It would a close battle indeed

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28 Comments on “It would a close battle indeed

  1. Chika. No wait, Kaguya. No, Chika. Kaguya.


  2. Ishigami beats them both. Ishigami best girl

  3. Sick boi needs my love and attention. . . Oi. . .

    Ya fackin cahnt.

  4. It’s obvious. Press F to pay respects to Chika.

  5. But the sicc little cutie is the best girl ( of course after Speedwagon)

  6. Chika’s dance looks weird to me. It’s like her movements have no weight to them.

  7. [Why not both?](

  8. both are inferior to [this]( masterpiece

  9. It’s not well choreographed at all, **because there’s no choreography in the first place**. She’s dancing alone ffs, a choreography is a group thing.

    I know it’s nitpicking, but It’s everywhere and I had to say it.

  10. Someone needs to figure out how to make a poll because this needs to be settled once and for all

  11. Both won our hearts. One just is getting its staring time a little later

  12. Thank you so much [/u/Sdref]( for the silver!

  13. Where can I watch ep 9 cuz I don’t have cr premium

  14. One sicc little cutie had the advantage going in

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