Japanizing beam!

Anime Meme about Japanizing beam!

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31 Comments on “Japanizing beam!

  1. I love how cute they all look, and then KFC and Burger King come in looking like they want you to eat their hair to inherit their power passed down from one generation to the next to smash villains

  2. Sanders be lookin like he survived jojo part 2

  3. everytime i see Ran, i weep for her being misinterpreted as HH.

  4. gay for KFC







    no homo

  5. Kawaii-izing beam!

    They all look so good!!

  6. I’d have a beer with the Colonel and the Burger King

  7. As a straight male I must say that the KFC man be making me question my sexuality

  8. To be completly honest… I want an anime with Colonel Sanders *right now*!

  9. The first three are worthy of mein sword

  10. Can we make HH Chan’s skin greenish-blue to show that she’s dead?

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