Might be a new meta

Anime Meme about Might be a new meta

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19 Comments on “Might be a new meta

  1. The blacksmith is really showing his talent on these new weapons.

  2. how much do I buy for the new dlc characters on the screen

  3. Nobody told me Fuze got a second elite skin, wth

  4. And of course best raccoon girl uses the best gun girl.

  5. Every single siege game I get into there’s at least one guy with an anime profile pic

  6. Looks like they’re defenders. Does that the three bitches are the attackers.

  7. I thought she was behind a suitcase at first lol 😂

  8. Now we just need Filo with the Cluster Charge in her claws.

  9. Do you have the source or are you the source OP?

  10. This is the crossover I never knew I needed thanks

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