46 thoughts on “Climate change is cancelled

  1. If i still lived in Germany I’d dress up like joseph joestar and hold a sign that says: if the air is too polluted i cant use my hamon”

  2. Half my class skipped school to participate in this protest.

    My history teacher was not happy in the least.

  3. What is with this protest? All I have seen are weebs holding weeb signs. Did they just take over or something?

  4. Miku should have a stake in the world’s future. The [world is hers](https://youtu.be/O17f3lB7BFY) after all.

  5. Hey this is the highschool student thing about climate change that I didn’t attend today even though I had the chance to skip school

  6. Miku says yes to climate change because Miku is evil and wants us to all die long painful deaths

  7. Cute.

    As a weeb myself, if I attended that protest and wanted to meme about it like this, I might carry a sign with Lelouch on it that goes, *ehem*,


  8. that was the most stupid manifestation of the entire history of manifestations.


    “WE STUDENTS (we dont want to get in the class) ARE HERE, WITH OUR BANNERS (mostly carton and many banners painted with sprays) TO MANIFESTATE AGAINS THE CLIMATE CHANGE”


    Is like, “we are launching apples to the air because we manifestate agains gravity”

  9. So….is Miku just banning the weather or…? I seriously don’t know what the point of this is or what the purpose of the protest is

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