It shouldn’t be this hard to understand

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21 Comments on “It shouldn’t be this hard to understand

  1. thats why im begining to call them small breasted adults who are short and act like children

    EDIT: but for real, I no longer call my attraction to lolis, cus i dont like children, but short girls who are flat are what I like.

  2. A lot of adult asian girls are short and flat irl but that doesn’t make them illegal

  3. Officer I’m telling you she’s a 3000 year old dragon.

  4. “Just because i’m wrong doesn’t mean you’re right”

  5. It’s true though, just look at [this list](, or [this whole YouTube channel]( And that list is missing mortal humans, which there are also a lot, like [Kinue Hayase (42)](

    The opposite is also true, just look at [Yoko (14)]( or [Hotaru (11)](

    OP is just uncultured.

  6. Just because she is Minor doesnt mean she is loli

  7. Calling all lolis minors is the LITERAL definition of judging a book by its cover.

  8. This can be read both left to right and right to left and I both hate and love that fact

  9. That’s most sober thing a drunk person has ever said

  10. Unless she is from a Soviet state. In which case, malnutrition would explain short stature.

  11. of course she’s not a minor.


    still can’t lewd her

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