Modern MMO’s Are Lonely…

Anime Meme about Modern MMO's Are Lonely...

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23 Comments on “Modern MMO’s Are Lonely…

  1. I play a VR game with multiple games in it and everytime I play a Quest game no one talks but if they do it’s a child

  2. Hasn’t play MMO since a long time ago, don’t know turned out like this 🙁

  3. THIS so much. even in new MMOs like maplestory 2 you can’t find a nice party outside a guild or already irl friends.

  4. “Hey guys lets do our best!”

    “Stop typing and rush the dungeon I don’t have all day”

  5. I’ve been playing ff14 recently and I get a mixed bag sometimes. Sometimes groups are super chatty and sometimes no one says a word except for gg at the end.

  6. **What’s happening?**

    It’s annoying or not interesting

    👉 I’m in this photo and I don’t like it

    I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook

    It’s spam

  7. Yea every time i go to dive into an mmo it be like that. even after gettin invited to a guild it died 3 days later and was back to square one.

  8. Well it’s ok, we don’t need friends right?

  9. It really do be like that. 4 years ago i was obsessed with world of warcraft and when i was a noob a user by the name of NihilantApple took me by the hand to teach me everything about the game. Whe became good online frinds to the point of even according a certain time of the day so whe could go into raids together. Last month i tried to give it a spin again just for fun and people there are just toxic and jerks nowadays.

  10. MMOs. Need. Proximity chat.

    Why hasn’t this happened yet?

  11. If group is chatting, its to give shit to each other

  12. Sign of the times I guess. People are becoming more antisocial and lonely irl and even in mmos .

  13. This hurts a lot when I played Mabinogi for the first time, I made friends from joining dungeons and party groups when I first played to the point where I’d go out of my way to help others out in the same way I got help. But when I came back to it years later it changed a lot to where newer players wouldn’t even need as much help so they could do everything alone.

  14. and why, I guess, I prefer story-driven single-player games. MMO is fun with friends but playing with random strangers with their toxicity is meh.

  15. There goes /u/Merryweatherey making me sad with a comic again.

  16. I absolutely LOVED sitting in a major city spamming for more people to join a group. I wasn’t bored of that at all. Spending 2-3 hours doing NOTHING was sooooo much fun.

    Fuck off with your rose colored glasses.

    Not having a group finder is the reason I swore off playing healers years ago. I lost count of how many times I spent hours looking for a tank just to have the douche that showed up be a dps. And being so fucking desperate to get the dungeon done that I just went ahead with the dungeon anyway. I got to be the tank as the healer. I ran around in circles healing myself, while my groupmates killed one thing at a time.

    Any time I play a healing spec in an MMO I get flashbacks of that shit and immediately switch to DPS.

    Fuck that.

  17. My favourite was when I was playing TERA, and after defetaing a hard boss, they left, because they thought it was the last one

  18. OSRS in a nutshell.

    I fucking miss that game back in 2010-2012

    Made so many online friends, memories and people were hella a lot more talkative.

    I miss those times.

  19. By my experience it isn’t so. And other thought about topic – play with you friends because mmos is not fucking facebook.

  20. Huh? You mean, nowadays you can play a MMO without interacting with anyone, just like IRL? Perhaps, I should give it a try..

  21. Sorry but pulling 4 other people together constantly just to do basic content that I and everyone else wants to veg out on isn’t something I will ever want again…..

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