24 thoughts on “Classic Trigger

  1. can someone please tell this man who is currently trying to watch over 30 animes at once what this anime is called

  2. >!Ok, I know some people are gonna bring up Darling in the Franxx in this thread. So I’m going to lay it down. [Trigger wasn’t involved in the ending of Darling in the Franxx.](https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2018-11-26/studio-trigger-panel-at-anime-nyc/.139981) Obviously this meme in no way references DitF in particular, but by fucking god it’s like 90% people go straight to DitF when they hear Trigger and Aliens. And I kind of get (probably too) annoyed whenever it’s meme. Probably because I would rather do anything than defend DitF. /rant!<

  3. That’s me and my gf right there


    “I’d love to but my wallet feels vacant atm”

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  5. Ichigo: why the fuck there’s aliens in a fight against humans and mechanic dinosaurs!?

    02: bcz of trigger

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