33 thoughts on “NOPE! Ain’t gunna buy it on there!

  1. I just hate exclusives, one of the reasons I like playing games on PC is the reduced amount of barriers between me and a lot of the games I want to play. I have nothing against Epic Games Store but its annoying what they’re doing.

  2. Fuck all game launchers. Fuck em all.

    I just wanna buy, install, and run a game. What the fuck happened to such a simple concept?

  3. Well it could be worse, the games could be on origin!


    Using Origin client is one of the worst experiences I’ve had playing games, I literally spent 10 minutes trying to find the store.

  4. It’s competition, that’s how the market works. If success were measured by the quality of the product, GOG would be the leading platform for many years already.

  5. Still gonna buy it though.
    Even an Epic exclusivity couldn’t prevent me to 100% a Borderlands game

  6. I like it when my launchers actually have a good amount of features and don’t force me to use theirs by buying up exclusives

  7. the jaded reaction means “fuck, you’re gonna make me search for the torrent instead, and go through the work of pirating it and storing it”

  8. This meme speaks to me on many levels!

    Consider that i wanted to buy both Phoenix Point and Borderlands 3.

  9. Epic sucks, that is true, but I do enjoy watching steam fanboys screech and cry. Just wait for the steam release lmao

  10. I mean, the Epic Games Store isn’t *that* bad, if a particularly good game is an exclusive, I’ll just nab that shit through the channels of legality, yanno?

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