26 thoughts on “Know the rules of the game

  1. Source: game cg, しすたー・すきーむ2

    I found this here: www.reddit.com/r/wholesomehentai/comments/bd3jim/_/ Obviously **NSFW**

  2. this is a misconception… 2 people having wild sex and screaming in pleasure is not something that would immediatly get crusaded… that’s going for a few skeletons while there are Goblin nests or Ogres or cursed Wyverns around that need to be purged

    crusaders have priorities

  3. Yeah, but you know the other rule too…

    The childhood friend *always* ends up in 2nd place…

  4. Third panel: “What this? You two are having premarital sex with no intention of making babies? DEUS VAULT!”

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