10 thoughts on “This is how we support each other and our future.

  1. Professor just needed to fart; baby provides effective cover for silent farts.
    (But yeah, that’s a kickass professor)

  2. This is beautiful. I wish, however, our society could have affordable child care options for parents who are working or attending school.

  3. This is in Atlanta, GA. What a great shot. [He has his own page.](https://www.professornaite.com)

    *I am the James King Jr. Institute Visiting Professor and Associate Director of Communicating TEAMs (Communicating by Thinking Effectively in and About Mathematics) at Morehouse College. I am the State Director of a STEM Teaching Fellowship in Georgia funded by the Woodrow Wilson and Woodruff Foundations. I am also a founding partner at Alexander, Kaufman & Associates llc – a critical collective of business and management consultants in education.*

    *I am learning how to use mathematics to engage in and write about social movements, collective action, education and justice.*

    *I completed my Ph.D. at Columbia University (pure mathematics, education studies, and applied statistics). I hold two masters degrees (New York University and Teachers College Columbia University) in mathematics and teaching mathematics. My bachelor’s degrees are from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in pure mathematics and sociology.*


  4. Childcare is so fucking expensive. One of my employees used to work for me for 9 hours at 14/hr to only to go home and pay her sitter 10/hr or her daycare

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