45 thoughts on “How to 100% screw up Mac & Cheese.

  1. This is like cream cheese with jelly on bread. It’s delicious. I think blueberry Mac and cheese would actually be delicious. Sweet and savory. Fruit is paired with cheese and eaten with bread all the time. How is this any different?

  2. Eh, I don’t want to judge weird food combinations until I try them myself. There’s so many combinations that sounded weird at first, but then actually worked together very well. Strawberries & cheese, turkey & cranberries, chicken & waffles, and Mexican chocolate in savory dishes; all sounded weird to me, until I tried them.

  3. Reading these comments makes me realize how privileged I must be. Some people’s whole experience with food just seems so bland.

  4. can’t be mad at anything with blueberry in it. I’d kill a nigga for a blueberry muffin

  5. Probably the first “weird” food I’ve seen on Reddit that has me like “that just might work.”. Much better than kool-aid chicken. 😂

  6. Once when we were kids an old friend of mine was making Kraft mac and cheese but didn’t have any milk so he decided to use hazelnut coffee creamer thinking it would be the same. It was not the same.

  7. That doesn’t even look like good mac ‘n cheese. Get THAT right, then worry about adding something like fruit.

  8. this reminds me of those jokes about how people won’t eat stuff like this but they’ll eat ass

  9. this is way better than that rainbow mac and cheese monstrosity that was posted here a while back

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