This is really so fucked up. These are the stories we need to be hearing about in the news.

Black People Twitter about This is really so fucked up. These are the stories we need to be hearing about in the news.

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38 Comments on “This is really so fucked up. These are the stories we need to be hearing about in the news.

  1. I swear they make up shit on the fly to lock up minorities.

  2. Google her. She got 5 years for selling drugs to undercover cops this is bullshit.

  3. [Snopes.](

    Edit for more research/context:

    It’s at least partially true. The larceny charges were strange, given that what she did is typically classified under the crime of “making false statements,” which, as I understand it, is different from perjury, and is one of the things Martha Stewart was charged with.

    It’s still a felony, but it’s a *maximum* of five years in prison (and a fine of up to 250k), while

    >A class C felony carries a sentence of imprisonment of from one year to 10 years, and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

    which describes theft of ~$15k in Connecticut, not to mention the added conspiracy charge.

    While he’s wrong about the 12 years part, there definitely was some weird shit going on with her case.

  4. This is false! For fucks sake do your research people. She was convicted of drug and prostitution(pimping) charges. She was released almost immediately on the larceny charges.

  5. That’s some bullshit…our law makes no fucking sensd

  6. America’s college system is so weird and fucked up

  7. It’s crazy that some people truly don’t realize that real issue with why people are “stealing” education.

  8. Holy shit, twelve years is longer than the minimum sentence for murder in some states.

  9. This can’t be true. 12 years for that?! Is this where I say America?

    There must be more to this

  10. Will the real Jussie Smullet please stand up please stand up

  11. Laws are for the little people!! Justice is blind so she can smell the money…..

  12. This foreal? I knew a lot of people who used there grandma and cousins addresses for school. That’s crazy

  13. not that it matters THAT much – but did these cases have some sort of priors or some shit violated that implicated these sentences ? They are almost unbelievable.

  14. This is truely disgusting. Only rich(middle class) people deserve a quality education apparently. I fucking hate this country

  15. I think that it’s bull sh*t that this happened. But isn’t there a difference between being persecuted for public schooling fraud vs a private school like Harverd and Berkeley?
    Please correct me if I’m missing something

  16. As far as I can tell, jail time for this is pretty rare. In the first case, she got jail time for past drug charges. In the second, she spent 9 days in jail for failing to pay the fine.

    While this may be a problem, it’s not on the level of the college admissions scandal. But then again, this guy never has a problem cherry picking information to support his previously held notions, and this subreddit has been a real sucker for identity politics since Trump.

  17. My knee-jerk reaction is “WTF, thats beyond fucked up!” But then if you think about it, I think that is exactly what the poster is looking for. I think that we realistically cant make any judgement without knowing the facts of the case. It isn’t unheard of to have exceptionally unfair judgements for PoC, but we really can only assume that this is what is happening in this case. I think that we aren’t getting all of the information, only enough information to paint a more disgusting picture than what hapened. This is purposefully deceptive, and being outraged at something like this, with no real information or proof, will only give fuel to people trying to paint a bad picture of people who react to this.

  18. She was sentenced to five years for the drugs to run concurrent with a five year sentence for the school stuff.

  19. You can always try to beat the system, but the system does beat back.

  20. It’s the government’s failure that she had to “steal an education”

  21. This shit here makes me fantasize about burning down court houses.

  22. Wait what the fuck how can something like that even be illegal??
    I can go to a school in a different city in my country and no one would care

  23. They stole an education? How dare they. They should be ashamed that they’re trying to give their children a better life. What gave them that idea?

  24. I didn’t think that was real. And come to find it it isn’t

  25. USA is disgusting. Thanks god there are other countries.

  26. Wait, what kind of 3rd world country is this ?

    Prison for sending a kid to a school in a different area ?

  27. Don’t forget she used her father’s or grandfather’s address. So it’s not like she just went up and lied. We are truly getting fucked in America.

  28. Man America is so fucked up. Why y’all don’t move to another country?

  29. I don’t understand why she would send her kid to Norwalk instead of Fairfield if she lived in Bridgeport. Just as nice and a lot closer.

  30. If we pick singular cases out of country with 350,000,000 people it seems like cherry picking honestly

  31. As a devils advocate point here:
    Schools are built with several factors in mind populations it can hold, money to supply the school (only supply it with what local taxes bring in), and then the logistics of the bussing system and student zoning.

    Granted a mother should never be arrested for trying to put their child into another school and thus ruining several lives, a fine and the child being sent to the original school he/she is zoned for is highly appropriate. The schools can’t really make exceptions since once you start where do you draw the line? If kids leave one school then wouldn’t that school lose funding, what happens to the remaining?

  32. This is the most fuck up shit I’ve heard all day.
    And I just heard about the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand 🇳🇿

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