Can’t get here soon enough…

Black People Twitter about Can’t get here soon enough...

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27 Comments on “Can’t get here soon enough…

  1. Is this what black people use instead of the Groundhog approach?

  2. You know it’s here when he starts wearing the towel as a sun hat

  3. [Is this the inverse of that?](

  4. I’m not readyy, I didn’t lose my holiday weight yet😩

  5. It was 75 degrees two days ago and today it was raining and 38. The Midwest is hell in spring

  6. I don’t know what it was about this but it has hilarious.

  7. Bet he was either going to or coming from a bomb ass bbq too

  8. Y’all warm weather loving people liking to sweat) confuse the hell outta me.

    But that’s probably because I live in houston, where if it’s not “cold,” it’s “please god kill me it’s so hot I can’t breathe.”

  9. The good weather? Boy fuck that weather. The cold weather is the good weather. Fuck a summer.

  10. Just snowed here again after 2 weeks of sunshine lol

  11. Oh. I live in FL. I thought the good weather was Winter/Fall. We don’t get much of it around here.

  12. It’s cookout season cause you know big boi about to *slay* the grill.

  13. So can we get rid of the ground rat and use this as our indicator for Spring?

  14. Lol “good weather” in Georgia (USA) we get cold and “ahhhh my flesh!!!! It buuuurnssss”

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