When a nickname isn’t a nickname

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18 Comments on “When a nickname isn’t a nickname

  1. I didn’t watch the first episode of fresh Prince of Bel-Air until like a year ago so I didn’t see him play the piano right before the credits rolled. That was an awesome moment.

  2. As a white guy who has actually seen full house, I just realized it wasn’t a nick name. Never really thought that show was very good.

  3. Before I saw the news about the college scam I kept seeing Aunt Becky pop up and I too was confused since Aunt or Auntie is a term of endearment and Becky is used to mock trifling white women.Didn’t make sense at the time, lol.

  4. this is the subliminal humor Hollywood used to hammer

  5. Holy shit me too. Like I was around for the running of Full House and don’t remember anything about it.

  6. This is the reverse version of “bye Felicia”

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