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  1. “They were **toxic** so I cut them off”

    Apparently you applied that to everyone in your life because you failed to learn the meaning of adversity or perseverance. Hope that works out.

  2. My mom is on marriage number four right now. Every man that she has left has found a partner that they’ve stayed with since. Yet here she is hopping from man to man acting like there’s something wrong with each of them.

  3. Whats up with the fear of not being married or in a relationship later? Is that the only value people have in their lives?

  4. relationships are about being there for each other, supporting and complimenting each other. Yeah it takes work, but remember they put up with your shit too, a good relationship balances out with the unit better than the sum of its parts.

  5. I don’t know how to feel about this but I feel like it should mean something to me… I wish all conflicts could be resolved but sometimes it isn’t possible. Sometimes you have to be ready to walk away.

  6. This toxic ‘I’m royalty, you bend to MY will’ mentality needs to fuckin stop.

    Bitch, get back in your 94 Ford taurus and ride off

    Figure it out.

  7. Yea, I think some people carry themselves like selfish assholes and try to dress it up with fake self-love by claiming “I’m doing me.” Nobody owes you anything, so if you have a habit of treating people like they’re disposable you should expect to end up alone (and probably deserve to be tbh).

    Definitely encountered this one back when I was dating…


  8. I don’t think the point here is successfully finding a relationship.

    This post is about people who use this “self love” concept to take “self care” days in order to stay in a constant mode of emotional validation as opposed to taking care of what needs to get done.

    That’s what gets you alone when your 50, not necessarily single, but alone bc your friends are tired of your inability to work towards personal growth.

  9. Word.

    Kinda like how the community at /r/relationships will instruct its subscribers to dump their S.O. because they left the toilet seat down. “He obviously doesn’t respect you enough if he doesn’t listen to you, twice no less! Cut your losses and run.”

  10. Technically the girl im seeing now is like the best friend I always wanted. She keeps me in check and planted in the ground. And makes me stayed focused on my ambition then just talk about them. You want that in a relationship. A rock that guides you to be a better man then what you were before.

  11. The realest tweet I ever heard. Here’s some more BIG FACTS: soulmates aren’t real, EVERYONE has flaws/vices, and long term relationships require equal team effort. Some people just don’t want to put the work in. I mean how many times does reddit collectively encourage break ups over the dumbest shit in r/relationship_advice? All the time

  12. When I’m 50 and alone it’ll probably be because I never grew out of my social anxiety tbh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Everyone learned “Toxic, problematic, self-love, ‘I’m still growing as a person'” and other buzzwords and started parroting those when they either get called out for being shitty or wanna cut people off for not being their emotional servant.

  14. There’s people who think someone would be lucky to get them. Then there’s the rest of us who know we’re all lucky if anyone likes any of us enough to be there for us when we need them.

  15. I just prefer being alone. I’ve never felt good in a relationship. Never been all that confident either.

    I don’t want to be somebody’s scraps and I don’t want to pick up scraps either.

    Saw a woman I fancied. Strong eye contact and smiles had me thinking about her for weeks and I’ve never had that in my GAHdang life.

    Come to find out she’s married. I was crushed.

    Never again. I’m happiest when I’m alone.

  16. While these are true words, people also need to know that it’s ok to not stick around trying to fix a situation that can’t be fixed. There are those that have spend too long in one sided relationships.

  17. Don’t let this meme convince you that you must be with someone to have any joy. There’s nothing wrong with being “50 and alone”. Do whatever makes you happy.

  18. Wanna resolve conflict? Keep to yourself and there ain’t none. There’s only a few people I sometimes prefer to solitude: my children, a coworker or two, a few relatives,…I guess that’s it. Most people ain’t self-actualized, and it feels disharmonious to be around them at least to some degree. If I ever meet someone that doesn’t get on my nerves after six weeks, I let them close to me. I say all this to support cutting the dead weight out your life, even family.

  19. Seems like assuming “being alone” is the worst option is pretty shitty thinking in the first place.

  20. Maybe some people want to be alone? It’s not a life requirement to get married the fuck.

  21. What if our conflict resolution came to the conclusion that relationships are something that conflict with personal happiness and peace (tried to sound smart there)? Stop forcing your desired lifestyle upon people. Its nauseating.

  22. Also, son’t end up 27 and dead by suicide because every one shamed you for trying to take care of you.

    Please take care of yourselves, doesn’t make you less than

  23. I mean, I’ve accepted the fact I could get to 50 and alone anyway so I might as well give the ‘self’ part a try 😂

  24. At the same time, you have to keep in mind you can’t ever lower your own self-worth to appease someone you WANT to work out. Make sure the changes you make in your life are making YOU a better person for YOU, not a better person for someone else.

  25. It takes a certain level of wisdom and self awareness to know the difference between self love and narcissism

  26. If you have attempted in good faith to resolve an issue and the other person is unwilling or incapable of working with you, or the issue is simply a deal breaker, then by all means walk away.

  27. I to would much rather be 50 and not have to spend all my money on a shitty marriage. How about this dont let anyone on social media or anywhere tell you how to live your life.

  28. Yeah, but at the same time being “alone” at 50 isn’t that big of a deal. Lots of people are divorced or single by that age. I am 24 and haven’t met anyone I really connect with in a few years, and TBH I am not worried at all about not being in a relationship. I have so much time to work full time along with school and don’t really have the time for a relationship anyway. Plus all the women my age are dating dudes in their late 30s early 40s anyway.

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