29 thoughts on “Let’s start caring about the children that are in this world vs the cluster of cells that aren’t.

  1. The thing that baffles me about anti-abortion is the anti- contraceptive and the anti-education aspects.

    They don’t want people to prevent pregnancy, they don’t want to educate people on how to prevent pregnancy.

    Then once the baby is born they’re suddenly parasites that don’t deserve help or love.


    also, If you are “Pro Life” but anti Contraception and anti Sexual Education for kids and teens you also need to shut your fucking mouth because Contraception and Sex Ed are the only 2 things that have ever driven down the abortion rate, so either get behind that shit or shut your fuckin hypocrite mouth because you really dont care about *actually* reducing abortions imo.

  3. Yea, I never fully understood the pro life… my thought was if u were against abortion, then don’t get one. Chat really tell the next person what to do.

  4. I’m pro-life, but I hate that it’s become a war on women. If anyone wants to reduce the number of abortions it starts with contraception and sex education.

  5. Lets get real about how crazy hard adoption is though.

    I got denied adopting a cat because i have kids. There were approximately 3×10^64 free kittens on Kijiji, but I wanted to do the right thing and adopt a cat. Nope.

    Try adopting a human when you aren’t upper middle class or better. I have three kids, and could easily work another one in my schedule, but the system would rather see them grow up in foster care until the age of emancipation and then fuck em I guess.

    If you want to solve the foster care problem we are going to have to reform adoption.

  6. I was one of those kids, my parents literally never wanted me and frequently stole money from me till I got made homeless at 16 and they left the country whilst I was in hospital.

    The damage a shit upbringing like that does lasts a long time and not everyone can get over it.

    There should always be freedom of choice and honestly I think child benefits need to be monitored closely because it’s got to the point in the UK that abusive women are intentionally getting pregnant with the idea they will never have to work a day in their life.

    Whether that’s right or wrong isn’t the issue, it’s the fact its an option for people who don’t give a fuck. I’ve known two people now who leave their kids home alone as babies and go get drunk in town. One even leaves the door unlocked because she ‘can never find her keys when drunk’.

    This is the UK btw so I assume things are different elsewhere.

  7. Garbage religious zealotry forcing their beliefs onto the rest of society. Religion is poisonous and full of hypocrisy.

    Maybe stop your ministers and priests from raping living children before telling women what to do with their bodies.

  8. PLEASE lets worry about the THOUSANDS of kids in the shitty foster and adoption care.

    Most of my family is adopted or are/were in foster care.

    Dad and his siblings were adopted

    Cousin was in foster care then adopted

    I had multiple foster cousins

    My step dad was adopted and his kids were in foster care with an abusive foster mother (who was friends with a therapist who had ties to the cops, nothing could be done)

    And much, much more. It sucks.

  9. Politicians don’t give a fuck about fetuses let’s get real. It’s the one issue that they know will get them votes from single issue voters. They can have whatever other platforms they want but as long as they are anti abortion, they will secure votes.

  10. Are there any studies or metrics that show that pro-life or pro-choice people are more likely to adopt or do foster care or run an orphanage or etc?

    I see a lot of these digs at pro-lifers for not doing more for adoption/foster care, but I never actually saw anything with numbers. If it’s real, let’s bring out the facts. If there are no facts, it can’t change anyone’s mind. (Even the minds of pro-choice people who may be sympathetic or something)

  11. The best counterargument I’ve heard around anti-choice hypocrisy is: ‘we could be virtually eliminate the chance of unplanned pregnancies leading to abortion with one thing: mandatory vasectomies for all men. Now all these guys are shooting blanks until they’re ready to have kids, when either the procedure can be reversed or some banked sperm can be used.”

    It’s drastic, sure, but what truly pro-life man wouldn’t push for this chance to completely eliminate the CAUSE of all unplanned pregnancies? And yet, none of the solutions they suggest seem to focus on men beyond ‘respect her like she’s another man’s future wife’. Almost as if this isn’t about the baaaabies nearly as much as pregnancy as punishment for ‘wayward women’.

  12. This lady is presenting a false dichotomy. You can do both. There is no trade-off. Why choose one when the cost of the other is the loss of a life or lack of love for a child? Being pro-life means loving the mother and the child. Being pro-life means loving each particular one of those 700,000 kids in foster care as well as the unborn child and his/her mother.

  13. It has never been about life. It has always been about controlling women’s bodies. The rest is gaslighting.

  14. I consider myself Pro-Life and I would also consider your point, valid.

    If only my brethren would see the situation the same way I do.

    Edit: I would also like to add that I believe we need parents to raise their children and not run off when it gets rough. A strong family bond means more than some would think.

  15. People only want fresh babies. When I was a social worker, people really fought over infants that came into the system. Anything older is seen as damaged goods.

  16. Well, yeah. Of course they don’t think about all those other people. All those other people are actually people that have needs that may differ from what the pro-lifer is willing to give. A mass of cells? Well shit they can say and no whatever and its “helping”, because the cells can’t defend and say “no actually we want X instead of this’. Its a protection mechanism for people not willing to do anything

  17. How about you use contraception? “I’m a hoe but I dont like rubber I’ll just pop a plan b in the morning ” 🙄🖕

  18. Why are u having sex without wearing a condom. Or being on birth-control. If u do there is a 99 percent chance u won’t get pregnant. So ur logical is make a mistakes and than u can yeet the fetus cause ur irresponsible. Wow

  19. This is definitely facts but I also feel that it’s not right for some people to carelessly be out here just getting pregnant and getting multiple abortions.

  20. You know that these fuckhead so called Christians ain’t gonna lift a fucking finger, these fucking piece of shit hypocrites.

  21. The actual point is always missed by pro-murder advocates.

    Don’t have sex until you can be and afford to be a parent.

    This is the undeniable best way to reduce ‘unwanted’ children and abortions.

    Graduate high school / college. Work. Get Married. Then have kids. This method worked for 200 generatons.

    Prove me wrong. Pro-tip: You can’t.

    P.S. Proven rape or incest cases are exceptions.

    Commence liberal hatred and down votes in 3…. 2…. 1….

  22. Or just let people believe and do what they want. If people want to have their own kids (which most do) let them do them. Plz (nice old tweet btw lol)

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