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  1. It took me too long to stop ignoring my 15 minute breaks at work and to actually start taking them. My managers damn sure never reminded me about them.

  2. Posted this the other day but applicable here too:

    A while back, my cousin and I were in a car accident which ended up with him in the hospital. Happened on a Saturday, he called his boss that night to let her know he didn’t think he’d be going in Monday and explained what happened and that he had a few injuries. Her response?

    “Remember, you have that presentation at 10am and it’s been scheduled for over a month. A lot can change when you have 2 days to rest, I’m sure you’ll be fine by Monday”

    Monday, he went in, cleaned his desk, and never went back. He didn’t have anything lined up and took a while to find a similar job/similar salary, but he wasn’t about to let his health take a backseat for a business need.

  3. And don’t answer the phone if you’re on Vacation and work calls you.

    These jobs care about one thing, output. Do you job. Do it well and accurately. Go home and rest yourself.


    I actively have a nurse that works here that comes here on her day off to ‘hang out’ with other staff. That’s not fucking healthy. Find a hobby, a friend, but whatever it is, find you something that uplifts and benefits you.

  4. It’s truly horrible for retail/general low hourly paying jobs. Today I woke up to 4 texts and 2 missed calls at like 10AM asking me to cover a shift at 2PM. The fucking GM of the company I work for (shitty security company) texted me “?” like twenty minutes after the first message. What makes this worse is that I went out of my way to say “if you need help Sunday lmk now” back on Friday, but of course the guy doesn’t respond and is actually entitled enough to think it’s acceptable to spring shit on people within 4 hrs of the shift due to incompetence.

    Twenty years ago, when you were done with your day you went home and nobody bothered you. Now somehow these prick managers think that you as a low paid employee are on call 24/7, they’ll call you at home to discuss work shit or scheduling. You shouldn’t have the right to smoke marijuana at home off shift if you work for this minimum wage shit hole, you shouldn’t have the right to your space after already working that day. At what point can we just eat the fucking rich?

  5. I always took more vacation days than I was given and told my boss to fire me if he had a problem or it affected my work. Stayed there for ten years without an issue

  6. Amen! Jobs and Schools try to glorify perfect attendence when really it isn’t good. If you’re sick, stay home! If you need a mental health day, stay home! You and everyone around you will be better off for it

  7. My new job comes with unlimited PTO. I have never thought that there was a basic need that we Americans needed. And as long as you are responsible and reaching out with the right amount approval. I can do whatever I want a year.

  8. I can’t stress enough that no corporations give any fucks about you. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there, how good you think you are with your boss, how much you excel at your job, or how good your attendance is. You are expendable, they have the leverage, and they know it.

    Get yours. Take your days, take your breaks, and take whatever benefits you can get. Leave for a higher paying job, a better job, whatever you think is right for you. It doesn’t matter what the fuck your boss has to say about it. Any friends you make, keep their numbers for references and whatever else…but do you first and foremost.

  9. my favorite is when anyone gives you any kind of shit about it. Like yeah fuck you motherfucker I’ve been here x amount of years and I’ve earned y amount of PTO per year, I’m taking my fucking days off because it’s not like you’ll let me sell them back.

  10. I work a retail job part time. They overload our schedules and I often work close to 40hrs but still a part timer. I feel bad about being burnt out and tired of working, I enjoy my cowowrks mostly I just hate having to repeat myself to customers, deal with other departments, etc. I decided to change my availability and now i have a mental health day on saturdays!

  11. I honestly would but I used them all up for a trip to Europe in July…

    Got nothing to look forward too but work and uni 🙁

  12. You should either get to take your days whenever you want or if your job demands certain time commitments you should get more days off because you don’t get control of them.

  13. My current job isn’t perfect, but how low-key it is with PTO is one of reasons I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Just a text and I’m good to go if I have the available hours.

    I pray i never have to go back to the days of having to present a fucking 15 minute presentation to explain why I’m too sick to come to work.

  14. I tell my coworkers this when they’re looking for someone to switch their schedule with on holidays etc. “Just call in, this hospital doesn’t give a crap about you and will replace you in a second, spend it with your family.” I do however care about screwing over my coworkers so that’s what prevents me at times.

    I work in healthcare and we had a coworker of mine retire after 30 plus years. He got a sheet cake and a pot of coffee “party” thrown in a small windowless basement room. After that my perception has changed about my department and just busting my back for a company that doesn’t provide any types of perks to someone who dedicated 30 years of their life to

  15. i’ve been working at my retail job for 3 years and i realized that i had racked up about a weeks worth of personal and vacation hours. i had nothing planned but, it was going to expire so i took a week off this week. no reason other than i wanted to get paid to do nothing

  16. They told my brother it’s either work or school. They said to write on paper that you agree to be available 24/7. He’s paying for his own school. I think his manager is low key hates him cause he’s a Muslim. Cause they make sure to make shit hard as fuck on Fridays. Last time they tried shit he took a week off. The outcome was funny.

  17. My work is dope, if you have time time to cover you can just leave at any time, or if you have 10hours, just don’t show up and it’ll take your time. No BS fake coughing on the phone

  18. Do people leave them unused? Why would anyone do that? I have an internship this summer and I’m already trying to decide when to use my 2 vacation days.

  19. Honestly needed this. I really had been contemplating taking today off all day yesterday. Got to texting my friends about how nervous I was to email my boss about it. Honestly just need a day to take care of things I didn’t get done over the weekend and a day to myself, I’ve never taken a sick day and have so many racked up. And it shouldn’t be that way honestly. This tweet and the comments here have definitely helped me feel better about it.

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