5 thoughts on “The Night King put up 60 on the North

  1. Night king is definitely catching hella bodies this season. Perfect analogy to our current situation, we got an impeding doom scenario but we’re still bickering about the pettiest of shit.

  2. Dany needs to chill with that bend the knee shit before she fucks everything up like she always do.

  3. I’m expecting for him to have the highest k/d ratio at the end. There’s too much bickering in winterfell right now, and if he gets through there, it’s a wrap on any other kingdom stopping here.

  4. That ending tho….
    What will Brianne do with her BAE on trial?would she speak on his behalf saying he help her go find & save Sansa
    They should let Jamie off the hook, he killed the King to save the people even Dani admitted he was evil. But he did make Bran a cripple, but would he be the 3 eyed raven if Jamie didnt push & cripple him?

    Cant Bran shee that he is a good guy now

    What will Bron do with that crossbow?
    He cant….obviously he wont

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