26 thoughts on “Extremely Personal Trainer

  1. I bet there was never a trainer, someone just thought of a snippy fat shaming line and needed context. Bwehh

  2. Number of pool parties I’ve never not taken my shirt off at – 0

    Number of pool parties I’ve ever been to – 0

    I’m good.

  3. I was gonna make a comment about burning easy but I just looked at the sub I’m in and now I’m feeling jealous

  4. I’m in shape but I got back acne scars so I can never take my shirt off unless I use accutane and destroy my liver

  5. Just stop going to pools or out of the house in general and then you don’t need to feel ashamed or work out!

  6. I’m thinking of this every time I need to go running, but a part of me also want to just accept myself too.

  7. Why would you wear a t-shirt to swim in if you are fat. All the water would do is stick to your skin and make you still look fat. Instead own that shit.

  8. So no one gonna mention Halle berry getting her guts rearranged in monsters ball? Some of y’all showing your age

  9. This is literally what I say to myself. Stuff like that and “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” now I’m 15 pounds underweight and don’t get my period anymore LMAOOOOhelpmeOOO

  10. This type of encouragement doesn’t work on me. After years of insecurities and damaging mental health, I need someone to be as kind as I’m learning to be with myself. If I got told that, I would’ve had a bad flashback and probably cry right there in the gym.

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