28 thoughts on “Sweet home Alabama

  1. What makes this bill sting even more is that an ugly ass old white woman signed it into law.

  2. Ohio too. Don’t let one state overshadow what a lot of other states are also doing WRONG

  3. All these so called ‘libertarians’ hate big government but have zero problem letting the state intervene in our personal lives when it lines up with their interests.

  4. No more children born in Alabama

    Over time, only people in Alabama were born and raised someplace less shitty

    Population and government improves

    Laws and attitudes become reasonable… even progressive

    Alabama loses its status of being the Alabama of the United States

    They see where this is going and they aren’t having it

  5. Why are these people so obsessed with abortion anyway? Can someone ELI5? Is it purely religious nutjobs, or are there darker motives (there usually are, right?)?

  6. Was the birthing process so traumatic for these dude that years later they develop some inner hatred for women vagina ?

    What laws are being passed currently to curb men sexual activity and sperm count activity , do they think women get preggo like the virgin Mary?

  7. In today’s news, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio suck.

    I wonder if the redditors in Mississippi are breathing a sigh of relief.

  8. I am so, so glad that my family moved out of Alabama when I was 3 years old. There but for the grace of God go I

  9. Birth rates will plummet because of this new law. Abortion rates will spike. Incest is primed and ready to swallow Alabama.

  10. It’s funny listening to these old white hillbilly politicians from Alabama talk publicly about the sanctity of life they’re going to spare. Either they conveniently forgot or they don’t give two flying fucks for the female population in Alabama. Nevermind the young girls who may fall victim to rape or incest. Are you literally going to tell your 13 year old daughter who became pregnant because some fuck raped her, sorry fuck you. I realize the actual percentage of pregnancies by rape or incest is low among rape victims, but can we use some common sense here?? Nope, fuck that. Their “Christian conservative” ideology takes front seat to human life. By admitting this bill was specifically designed to get Roe vs Wade overturned federally, by definition they’re rhetoric is 100% hypothetical.

    The fucked up part of this whole ordeal is that they could’ve saved themselves time by fucking Googling the developmental stages a fetus goes through before it actually becomes people. Most women who become pregnant, don’t realize it until after 6 weeks. Morning sickness doesn’t kick in until 9 weeks for some, and the babies central nervous system isn’t even a biological thing until the third trimester.

  11. What’s with the recent swarm of abortion posts? (Not saying anything against them). Is it a law in Alabama that just got introduced? I’m from the UK, plz excuse my ignorance

  12. All you fools shit on Alabama like everybody in the state agrees on this abomination of legislation, while ignoring the fact that this is a national issue and will continue to be.

    Got plenty of other states to join the ranks of Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky.

    Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas all have restriction of abortion rights laws pending.

  13. I’m not against abortion at all. But it’s pretty unfair to act like it’s just the women’s body we are talking about. We’re talking about eliminating a potential baby that is inside of her. It’s not like they are trying to make tattoos illegal or peircings or something. It’s much more complicated than that and acting like it’s not only weakens the argument for it and strengthens the arguments against it.

  14. Good job to this sub for locking out people of the discussion based on race. Fucking brilliant logic.

  15. It’s not a war against women, it’s a defence against a war against the defenceless unborn. They are the most vulnerable in society. There are already laws against rape aiming to protect women’s bodily autonomy. Anything aside from rape is called “choice” and is and always has been within women’s sphere of influence. Using rape as an example for why abortion should be okay is a logical fallacy, as a small minority of cases are due to incest or rape. It’s time to protect those who up until now had no choice, and consequently got their limbs ripped off and were thrown in a bin bag, behind closed doors because society couldn’t keep it in their pants. It’s time for women to take responsibility for their own actions.

  16. FYI its not her body. Every cell of your body has the same DNA. Your baby only has half your DNA. Its a separate entity.

    Also, if you give so much of a fuck about protecting bodies, then why not scream and shout as much as you do about abortion about ending the drug war. If its my body my choice I should be able to take heroin and meth whenever I want.

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