31 thoughts on “The Babylon Bee deserves it’s own subreddit

  1. You know what? I’m just glad you didn’t call us polygamists. “Polite bike riders” is both true and friendly. On a separate note, the subreddits related to each of these need to change their names now…

  2. I was thinking atheist and teenager were a little loose fitting, but after trying to think of a better one you got it pretty solid nice work mate

  3. Am I the only Christian who doesn’t see, “Easter Worshipper” as a big deal? Some people are talking about it like the term is actual evidence of persecution.

  4. That’s one smart teenager! ( seriously though, it’s kind of offensive, imagine if someone said: Christian : Teenager )

  5. Still appreciate Christian humor even after I left Christianity (Independent Fundamental Baptist 10 years, more liberal for two), but even with a dark sense of humor, the Muslim and Jewish ones kinda crossed the line.

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