It’s real. Not kidding

Dank Meme about It's real. Not kidding

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40 Comments on “It’s real. Not kidding

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  2. I mean I support the LGBT community, but some of these stupid ass genders are just getting so annoying and unnecessary,

  3. I thought it was related to the useless goddess

  4. Nah for real y’all libtard are goin crazy with theses nicknames

  5. Does God stay in heaven because he fears what he created?

  6. This is a real mental disorder, don’t play their aqua games.

  7. Okay clearly some wiring in their head is a bit fucked up and abnormal, but they’re not exactly hurting anyone so if they genuinely feel that way then I guess let em love their life

  8. I can feel my brain cells killing themselves one by one

  9. so basically a human eevee

    man this attention whores have gone too far

  10. Autigender [TRIGGER WARNING] – A gender only understandable by someone who has autism

  11. I’m trans but this is fucking ridiculous.

  12. As a transgender person I must point out that I don’t want to be associated with this shit whatsoever and I don’t support any fucking “aquagender” by any means.

  13. Imagine using this meme format unironically. That’s Facebook meme level

  14. This… this is why we don’t have a solution to the Fermi paradox. The aliens are hiding from us…

  15. Whoever says their an aquagender I’m pulling out my FLAMETHROWER to evaporate your watery but

  16. Im fine with LGBT and all the other letters of the alphabet, but *this*. C’mon guys…

  17. Hey, as someone who’s actually trans, we don’t associate with them.

    Trans people have a “mental illness” known as gender dysphoria.

    People who identify as “Aquagender” have an illness, too. But it’s not gender dysphoria, it’s called “Autism”

  18. Just asking out of curiosity, but where has aqua gender ever been referenced?

  19. Bro it’s just like those hot wheels cars that change in water

  20. Swear I had a Pokémon that did the same thing

  21. Worst part is that in California you could get arrested for misgendering people.

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