I placed my batman upside down

Dank Meme about I placed my batman upside down

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16 Comments on “I placed my batman upside down

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  2. You had to like stick it and unstick it so many times

  3. Then that one perfect placement the only single time…it was legendary.

  4. *places it slightly at the wrong angle*


  5. As a kid?! I still do today. Lego needs to get their shit together and start to print pieces instead of giving us a big sticker sheet.

  6. If you messed up even a single sticker you had to throw away the set and buy a new one

  7. I got so good at that so now I can put really small stickers on my Gunpla with my fingers

  8. *Brother complains that I’m taking too long*

    Me: “You can’t rush art.”

  9. I despise the kids that would cover one piece of the LEGO set in stickers SPACE IT OUT ITS GOTTA BE PERFECT

  10. Speaking of legos should I get the Avengers Infinity war apartment set it seems worth it

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