Good morning USA!

Dank Meme about Good morning USA!

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27 Comments on “Good morning USA!

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  2. I mean hate it all you want but fortnite is far from dead

  3. Have you all seen the massive overhaul its getting? A bunch of textures have changed and villagers now actually have economy, they can give you sales and stuff. If you hit em they raise prices

  4. Fortnite is responsible for mass shootings.

    Minecraft is responsible for creating years of fun for people of all ages.

    Minecraft > fortnite

  5. fortnite is not dying at all, good meme but not true

  6. American Dad memes? I hope this becomes a thing.

    There’s so much stuff in that show that is meme worthy, especially Roger.

  7. Next to die is Apex , Minecraft is immortal.

  8. Last week I played everyday minecraft with my friends.

  9. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a wonderful day.

  10. Minecraft is getting actual quality updates to this day, AND another big one is on the way – 1.14 Village And Pillage. While Fortnite… Is… Just… Free Battle Pass…

  11. Minecraft is like a classic timepiece, does not lose its value.

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