This took a while to make

Dank Meme about This took a while to make

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42 Comments on “This took a while to make

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  2. I’ll see you on the front page my dude

  3. that’s what you get when you sort by new wow

  4. No body is born cool

    Except of course u/virtuoso1508

  5. So much effort, so little reward.
    See you on front page

  6. Boots strapped. Cock out. Ready to see you on Hot

  7. Niggas whom’st make animated memes have big pp

  8. When you sort by hot but still catch the nice memes within 1 hour. Ez.

  9. Well, you have my thanks for using a fixed hand for the third panel.

  10. Nobody is born cool! Except of course… dablwlaudblauddablablelulu.

  11. i woud give this a golden star but i dont have any money

  12. Did they start using flash for their animation in replacement for traditional?

  13. You even added the hand, +5 points for attention to detail

  14. Even corrected for the missing glove in the scene! Noice

  15. what does it show in the actual cartoon

  16. Very nice 100/10 points! Well deserved young man

  17. Is this from a CN show that I know but cannot remember at the moment or never aired in my country?

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